TP Settlement Services

Has anyone worked with TP Settlement Services?

I have not, but best of luck.

Old post but piggy backing to note that the owner is really rude.

I negotiated a signing offer issued from Signing Order. TP Settlement accepted and assigned me the order AFTER I accepted another RON order for the same time. I tried to work out a later time with the signers, but they wanted someone literally now. I reached out to explain the situation and the owner Tyrone was so rude about it and called himself scolding me… pfft. I didn’t even go into making excuses - cut the conversation short. With the market today, we don’t know if that signing is actually coming to us or not.

Are we supposed to just twiddle our thumbs or keep accepting opportunities? Grateful for RON because there’s no way Signing Services should be acting this way. Notaries don’t deserve that.

Yes and hopefully never again. He tricked me into doing a purchase signing for 4 people who didn’t speak English. He had a realtor doing the translating. It was a last minute job so I couldn’t even confirm with the signer to find out they didn’t speak English. Then I was so rushed on a Friday night that I missed a few pages. I ended up driving the next day to each of the signers to get a few documents signed. It was a nightmare experience.

I just got an order awarded from these guys so we’ll see. It’s like three blocks from my house (I could bike to it if I wanted to), so we’ll see what happens. It’s a “seller only” so… Awaiting the doc package.

Update: Ty Pratt just paid me for this order and in less than 30 days! Much less!

We didn’t talk a lot. In fact, we only communicated by email, so if that means anything…

And, yes, the couple selling the property were not native English speakers, but their son was there and did the translating. They did speak enough English to be understandable, though.