Trip fee/print fee

So lately I have printed docs. Driven the 30-45 min (yes I asked for more money and granted it) then go to sign and they don’t like the numbers. My payment goes to $50. Ugh. Doesn’t seem right how do I fight the trip/print fee as the trip isn’t a 5-15 min drive

IMO you would have to advise them in advance that in the event the transaction is a “no sign” your charge will be <> - cancellation fee plus $x per mile? Half your agreed fee? Full Fee? They’d also have to agree to your terms.

My practice was always half fee for no-signs, full fee if borrower rescinded within the 3 days (in a refi) as, hey, I did my job.

Call a plumber or electrician to your house for a problem - when they tell you what’s wrong you decide not to have the work done right then and there - that plumber or electrician will charge you a serve fee/house call, payable on the spot. I don’t see where we, as notaries or signing agents, should be any different.


Rather than arguing with the signing service that you are trying to build a lasting relationship with make a 2nd confirmation call after documents are received and before you print. You will confirm

  1. bottom line number which is money “due to borrower” or “from borrower”
  2. closing cost fee
  3. interest rate
  4. name spelling on documents match the spelling on their identification they will be using and the expiration date on the identification.
  5. reconfirm date and time and who will be attending the signing.

This will save you tons of aggravation and time trying to argue with a company that you’re trying to build a lasting relationship with. you are provided with all of the information needed to make this a smooth transaction so take control on your end. Good luck to you.

@Shellyldyer I agree with you on 1, 4 and 5 - 2 and 3 are not our concern and discussing this on the phone with the borrowers is probably why many companies forbid notaries from contacting borrowers in advance. In fact, a company told me just that - notaries call and discuss loan terms and they’ve lost the loans because of it. What I have done is ask the borrower at confirmation call “what are your expectations?” - do they expect to pay in or get money back - so when I got the HUD (which was still used when I last did signings) I could see if it was in line with what the borrowers expected.

I wouldn’t discuss numbers or loan terms on the phone with the borrowers at all - that’s the LO’s or title’s job.


I believe you are over thinking it. Stating the number only is not a discussion. It is simply stating the numbers. This just prompts them to call their lender if the number doesn’t sound right and saves you the wasted trip.
When you have an issue that creates aggravation in your day try to find the way that "you " can fix it. When it’s something not in your control that’s different this is totally in your control.

Okay get this one. similar situation. driving 30 min each way. preparing 2 sets of documents (1st and 2nd loan) , prep docs, over 500 pages total for this signing. drive up to the home and the person said they tested positive for covid right before I showed up. was quoted $30 as a trip/print fee for 2 sets of documents and already drove to location. so frustrating. I did write back stating it was for 2 loans and drove 30 min each way. for 1 loan and driving to location to be turned away is normally $50 trip/print fee. this was an extra 300 pages! and time to prepare. so frustrating. we all pay for paper, toner, shredder (shredding time for this package alone was over 15 min) calling, journal entries now crossed out (more journal books - in CA each notarization is a separte line (2 loans > 40 notarizations!). How do we change how these companies view our valuable time and our professionalism.