Two Questions

7/31/2021 (Amended 8/3/2021)

(NV) Hi Fellow notary friends, I am doing a research project for a friend who wil be opening a new signing agency soon.

I have two (2) Questions:

Please indicate your state when you answer:

(1) Are notaries allowed to officiate weddings in your state?
(2) Are notaries allowed to swear-in depositions in your state? (I originally asked this incorrectly.)

Thank you for reading this.

Blessed day!


Hi there-You are going to get different answers for every state by different notaries and it’s going to be a pain. However, you can find this information on the national notary association website for every state and then you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble LOL!


That’s what she wants - she said she’s “doing a research project for a friend who wil be opening a new signing agency soon.”

As for Florida #1 yes #2 no

She can find all of this information in one place with easier and quicker access. I assumed she did not know about NNA, and was trying to make her research easier. My apologies.

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I’m a member of NNA, but had no idea one could find this info on their site. In fact, I still have no clue where to find it on their site.

Under “support” on the top right of the website after logging in. There is a whole list of the states and guidelines for the notary public.

There you go. Everything you need to know in one place.


Thank you so much for the link!

Of course! I refer to it often. But here’s another link that might be a little better

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FL here. Yes to both. I do both.


You are incorrect on #2. Notaries may swear in witnesses for remote online depositions. I participate regularly in depositions as the person giving the oath.



Here’s a list of states and their stance on allowing remote depositions and whether an oath can be administered remotely: U.S. Remote Deposition and Oath Status | Perkins Coie.

I hope it’s helpful.

There’s a difference between “conduct depositions” and simply remotely placing a witness under oath for a deposition.

That’s not “conducting” a deposition - that’s just swearing someone in - AND This executive order only refers to allowing the notary to swear the deponent in via vdeo due to Covid… Either remotely or in person, You may swear someone in but you don’t “conduct” the deposition, which some notaries are allowed to do in some states.


@LindaH-FL and @cgueldner

Thank you. I stand corrected; my answer should be, “I swear in witnesses for remote depositions.”

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Hi @cgueldner .
#1) Not in North Dakota
#2) I have no idea. I have not been asked this in my 20 year career.

Okay - since the original post was edited, then yes, we can swear them in for depositions - however those I’ve run into here most times the court reporter swears them in; I’ve sworn people in for telephonic court hearings - on speaker phone. Any court hearing held by zoom the judge can swear them in

In Florida a notary may marry people.
I do not know about swearing in depositions