TX Cash Out -A6. / Refi - Newbie Question

Hi! I am a TX Newbie with a question regarding TC.
How do you set up or complete a cash out when several TC state they do not sublease?

You don’t. You either need to keep looking until you find a Title Company or Attorney’s office who is willing to help you, or you let hiring party know you have not found anyone willing to accommodate this and let them find a place for you to sign. Sadly, what will probably happen is hiring party will find another notary who already has the connections.

Whatever you do, do not let them talk you into “just go and get it done”… you know it’s against your state laws so just keep working those local offices til you find someone willing to help - or you wear them down enough to finally say “OKAY!!” :smiley:

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LindaH-FL, understood and yes I understand Texas laws. I do have an Attorney ofc and provide SS with my available location. I’m looking to gain relationships with more TC and RE. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Okay, my apologies. I responded to what you posted - i.e. you’re new and wanted info on how to get this in place.

My apologies.

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No need to apologize. Your response was informative and received. I asked because I needed to understand and know this is the process in asking TC/Attorney to help.:thinking: maybe I did not phase my question right. Again I appreciate your helpful insight and will continue to work on my locals. Thank you.

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