TX Newbie Training & Signing Next Steps


I’ve completed my NSA course through the NNA and am now ready to move forward. However, I’m a little overwhelmed with the amount companies one can join to get more training and to get signings. Also, I’ve serched the forums for newbie and TX newbie topics, and haven’t been successful in getting clarification on the following topics. Please suggest:

  1. Best signing services to join that have a reputation for giving newbies a chance.

  2. Best platform for learning more about being an NSA (I’ve seen Loan SIgning System and Signing Agent Basics)

Thanks so much for your help with this.


Notary2Pro…comprehensive program with post grad support…and no BS…they tell it like it is AND have a list of companies who contract with their grads.

Also be aware of your unique Texas laws

I’m also going to throw in here…you’re just starting…to any and all new folks…p!ease do a search here for “I’m new” or just “new”…you are going to be amazed at the number of NEW NSAs just in the last year. The market was saturated pre-Covid… Now it’s just ridiculous. Please do a market Analysis and make sure you can make a go of it in this business…I am so glad I had my Plan B…AND C… work out for me.


There is a plethora of data already on the threads within Notary Cafe. :sparkles::woman_cartwheeling::yellow_heart:

If you type ‘Texas newbie’ in the Search field, you’ll find loads of very informative & bountiful resources there.

Always check the Search field initially for any query, then (if you come up empty-handed) create a thread with your question.

Here is a sampling of some of the available threads for you: Search results for 'texas newbie' - Notary Cafe Forums

If you discover that a thread does need to be created for your question, then include within your original post that a thorough Search of the Notary Cafe forum threads has already been completed & include the links of the threads (at least 1 or 2) with the most helpful info. This will assist us in providing guidance as well as provide helpful info to others who will be viewing your recently created thread. :pray::angel::gem:

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Hello! I have gotten a lot of offers from SigningOrder. It’s a database that signing services use to find notaries. As for trainings, I was debating between Loan Signing System and Notary2Pro. I ended up going with LSS and while I was a huge skeptic at first, I LOVED it. As someone who doesn’t know much about the industry, it was really helpful and I learned a lot. There is also continued mentorship and trainings which are very educational. Whichever course you choose, I’m sure will be great and beneficial in one way or another. Good luck!

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