Types of documents in a signing package

I thought I knew the answer to this question(s) and I thought I had written down this information from my NSA training course. That is until I got a signing with a Trust and received vague instructions about when to use trust language in the signer’s signature and when to not use trust language.

In a residential loan signing package, which documents are loan documents and which are title documents?


The title docs will usually have the title companies logo on them. And (in my experience) title documents are usually first in the package, followed by loan docs. In regards to Trust verbiage, if the instructions don’t say, try calling the lender. You should be able to find their contact information on the last page of the CD.

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Thank you for the answer.


Always ask Title. They rarely have the signer put trust verbiage after their name. They usually type it next to their name under signature line