Unable to contact signer

This is my first time running into an unresponsive signer. At this point I feel they are pushing me to voicemail when I call. The signing is scheduled for this Friday. I’ve let the SS know that I have been unable to contact the signer and the SS seems to be slow to respond. Just wondering what you all do in this kind of situation.

Tell hiring party ‘no contact/no go’ UNLESS they are willing to pay Full Fee for no/show-sign.


I shall do! Thank You!

I had one yesterday, it turns out the signer was expecting me even though I left 2 messages…some ppl simply don’t check their voicemails regularly. I would ask the signing company for advice…


Good afternoon, some companies require you to show-up for the appointment even if you can’t get in touch with the signer. There are a few things that could happen when you unable to reach the signer. What if they have the wrong number on file or you have a number that isn’t familiar to the borrower. Try texting the borrower to see if they respond! Always assume the best, because this is your business! :slight_smile:


Thank You! They finally contacted me and I was able to confirm the appointment.

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Thanks to your advice I also got the SS to increase my fee.

This happens to me too.

I have learned in this day of “robocalls” I am far more likely to get a response if I text instead of calling. People aren’t answering strange number calls. (Unless you’re a notary of course. :grinning:)