United Record Service

Can anyone tell me if they have heard of this company. And your experience with them. I was sent an email and asked if I could work 9-4 to do DWQ’s (Deposition of Written Questions) and Affidavits. Also how would I charge for this. It’s just for one day.

First, Google United Record Service as what they offer does NOT seem to be in a Notary’s wheelhouse. 9-4? Written questions? Are you supposed to record (how?) the answers?
FWIW: I’ve been asked to ‘swear a person in’ for a telephone deposition–which only takes a few minutes and then I leave. A few years ago I was asked to ‘swear a person in’ for a video, which was recorded by hired videographers for a court case. Lawyers flew in, videographer drove hundreds of miles to set up his equipment in deponent’s home…looked like a VERY expensive ordeal for everyone but me–as I left right after IDing the guy, journaling the Oath I gave verbally (which was recorded on voice-tape while the camera was recording the deponent’s answer).


DWQ or Deposition by Written Question:

“Deposition by written questions is essentially the same as an in-person, oral deposition, only the attorney’s questions are written down and approved before the deposed person is required to answer them. Additionally, there is also a 20-day waiting period the attorney must abide by.”

The questions is - does your state allow you to do something like this? I’m guessing you’d swear the person in and you’re done. As for Affidavits, I’m sure you’re authorized to do those, and in most depositions the “recorder” swears the testimony transcription is accurate. In some states, the deponent must also sign off that their testimony is truthful .

If you are still in Louisiana, you’re a different breed of notary as you’re tested more like an attorney and have more latitude than us “normal” notaries…LOL

Question, too, is do you want to work 9-4? This sounds like a J-O-B.

I’d contact the company and ask - get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Good luck and let us know

P.S. I agree with Arichter - check their website. Looks like they provide the questions/documents for this DWQ


I agree with the sages listed here before me, my only question is what pay was offered?

Update. I was told by the company that they only wanted me to notarize documents. So they want me there from 9 to 4 with an hour lunch break. I can set my own price because I’m in Louisiana but I really don’t know how much to charge. On a good day I can make $500. So do I start there ? Any advice!

(CA) Well, if you take the “job”, you could make as much as $10 grand a month, right? Keep in mind, however, that we are about to enter into a recession and layoffs will be aplenty. Last in-first out is typically what happens. If you don’t have a guaranteed 1-year contract for employment, you need to think about what I’ve said. If this is an independent situation and you can avoid foregoing your other work to do the work for this company, I’d grab it in a Louisiana minute.

Thank you. This is a one time thing so I’m just going to give my best offer and wait and see.

Good for you and I hope you get it. :grinning:

This is the most unique offer I’ve seen. Please do let us know more about it if you get this 1 day gig. And what you were paid.