Unnecessary use of TONER!

Some of us are super busy and don’t have the time to review each package fully for accuracy but we are responsible for making sure the docs are printed according to size the title companies want us to print. does anyone else experience.

Quicken Loans are the worst … at least 6 - 8 of those documents telling me the common mistakes notaries make.

I won’t print those. I hate when they get past me, but I prefill my docs in adobe when I can and this ensures that I catch them. It drives me NUTS.


Do you have a Mac or another kind of computer?

There is like a 100 pages of toner on that one page. Then they include a go green form for email copies. give me a break. What a waste of toner to include these black pages in the doc package. I hope they figure out the waste they are creating.

I didn’t print those Quicken repetitive instructions once…and got dinged for it. Those pages & the ‘instructions for every T4506’ telling you to be sure the signer marks an X in the box, when, in fact, they are now pre-filling that X.

what do you mean by prefilling your docs?

I learned it here, but should have thought of it myself. If you have the paid version of Adobe Acrobat (not Reader), you can Fill and Sign documents. You select the Aa button and it lets you put a text box anywhere you want. For the things you have to fill over and over (your name, Notary Signing Agent, the full date, and even sometimes the Borrower’s name if Title is lazy or rushed). If you type the first two letters it will give you a choice of things you’ve typed already. I can prefill a 180 page doc in like 10 minutes flat. Plus in spots where the line is tiny, you can adjust the font to fit and still have it readable. Sometime my computer won’t read the fonts right and by doing this, I see the whole document before printing gobbledy gook. That’s a whole other issue. Hope this helps.

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