Unpaid signing outside of SnapDocs

I was contracted through SnapDocs for a refi signing. The home was in two different trusts. Before the appointment I asked how the documents should be signed but did not get a response. Turns out the home was in two different trusts and the documents did not reflect the trust information correctly. I did not received a reply so I facilitated the signing with the information I had. A short time after the signing someone from Inspire contacted me directly because some of the documents were not executed correctly, which was no fault of mine. I told him I would need to be paid if I had to print and facilitate another signing. It was been about 3 months now and I have still not been paid. I have emailed the person who contacted me and he forwarded me contact information that is responsible for issuing payment. I have emailed them several times and have not even received a response. Any thoughts on how I can get paid?