UPS A Deadbeat!

UPS a deadbeat
I have no idea how this business is still surviving with all sorts crap they do everyday.
I was very upset last evening when I’ve been waiting for my new printer to be delivered almost all day. I have the so called UPS Choice “BS” crap where you can track the delivery vehicle when it comes closer to your area, just like Amazon does, but Amazon does it the right way. After waiting all day the system showed that my shipment vehicle is at the corner across the street from me so I prepared my self to open the door whenever I hear a knock.
Guess what! After about an hour or so it showed on the system as “in transit” and delivery attempted and I need to be present to sign. Are you kidding me???
This wasn’t the only scenario I encountered with this crappy so called a business. There were many many similar incidents and whenver I purchase anything online and turns out to be shipped through UPS that is a real bad news for me because I’ll know for sure that I am going to run into issues and wasting a lot of time trying get in touch with their customer service who NEVER answer any call.
I Bet quite a few of you got calls from title companies asking about their package and that it doesn’t track and you’ll be in trouble unless you send them a proof that you actually dropped it off at a UPS store.
Have you also noticed how cheap they are when you ask for a few extra envelops? Lol. Actually, some UPS stores will tell you that they are out of UPS branded ones and you have to “buy” envelops.
What a failure!!!

Can’t help you with your delivery issues, but for supplies…open an account with both UPS & FedEx and order what you need, delivered (hopefully) right to your door within a few days for free.


Thank you Arichter, I appreciate it.

One other thing that’s UPS-weird: as the minimum order is 50 of everything, it might take more than a month to deplete your supply. And when you want to re-order, you discover they’ve cancelled your account due to non-use BECAUSE nothing is actually being shipped under your account! There are 2 solutions (I do both) 1. Stagger supplies order so you’re ordering more frequently rather than stocking up. Or, talk to them & try to get thru to them that you are a ‘3rd party shipper’ and, while you ship very often, you use the label provided by others.

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That exactly what I did
Thanks for all the help :slight_smile: