Ups ,Chase bank and big box competitor's for GNW/LSS ! Any Tips for newbies!

I just wanted to share some insight on some customer objections (in specific pricing) to GNW or even LSA work from my experience.

Notaries have to follow the state laws for notary stamps and signature price limitations, however, services and the pricing depending on where you are can be negotiated.

It seems people who work within the real estate umbrella rarely seem to have any respect for our service/or notaries. When you quote them a price they don’t agree with; they often say I can just go to chase or ups to get a stamp, or my (resident notary is not here today; however, I need this done.), I always question why did you call my company? The prices for services/stamps are listed via the website, google, etc.

They also do it for tittle closings (LSS)

I suggest newer notaries not be discouraged or change their pricing for these types of customers.
Stay firm and provide good service.

Anyone who can add suggestions to help newer notaries (with this particular topic ) is greatly appreciated.


As a business professional my price is also stated on my website. My price however can be flexible based on many factors. When prospecting I highlight my strengths and promote myself in the same manner. When I get push back on my price I remind them that in all service type business there will always be someone who will quote a cheaper price to get the business but who may not deliver the type of service they deserve. “Cheaper is not always better” and may cost you more in the end.


From my experience when the conversation starts. price price price, I can immediately gauge this type of customer, I kindly direct them to chase or ups. I completely agree with you; most customers who want your service arent even talking about price and they tip you well. Just from my experience.

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Totally agree! Did a GNW for a company quoted $17.19 they zelled me $50 after I explained to them I work with SS and lenders and the $50 is my min for one page 10min away. But I follow my state laws and priced it accordingly

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I recently did a $25,000 settlement for a client for free; she had no money or resources.; her settlement will be her money but no notaries would help her(ups or Chase). She had at least 13 pages of stamps and signatures and 2 jurats loose leafs i had to add… I also had to contact the attorney several times to create the settlement to follow state law.

At the beginning of my business, I was discouraged by these types of people (price price price people), especially the real estate professionals who choose to lowball notaries and LSA…

I also get people wanting expertise help (repeat customers ) and tip me because of time… (although I refuse payment).
So in this business, it’s important to know your business and services…


As usual, I’m going to respond to your post with a little extra on top! (I’m famous for that from what I’ve been told.) I personally don’t post any pricing for multiple reasons, the primary being there are too many variables/incidentals in what we do. The only price that is “guaranteed” is the notarial act fee dictated by your state. Everything else is transaction specific (unless in a contract), and even if in a contract, things come up that allows you to ask/charge for more. Also, most “store” notaries are limited to what they can and can not notarize per their stores internal policies, not to mention the notaries own preference/comfort level. Additionally, if the store paid for their commission, chances are the store is getting a portion, if not all of that fee, plus the notary takes on ALL the liability (according to SOS) regardless who carries the insurance policy. All this gives us leverage, but on the flip side, because of the store limitations, there’s a good chance some of these store notaries are your competitor on the street when they’re not working for the store (another reason I don’t post pricing). I get the transaction details on the phone then price accordingly, then let them decide. The customer doesn’t like surprises in cost later on no more than we like cutting ourselves short. I’m primarily referring to GNW here, but could apply to all. PLUS, most store notaries “double dip” in store duties, meaning they are not hired primarily as a notary. The UPS notary still needs to package and ship things and the bank notary still needs to conduct banking transactions, so how long is a store manager going to allow an employee be tied up with a notarial transaction? Our “Availability,” “Knowledge/Experience,” “Resources” and having the “time to invest” in the transaction is what saves us, and they should indeed, pay for that!


I have a website and follow the SOS guidelines that state we are required to post our fees. This client found me and went to my website page. All my fees , refund and cancel policy is there. It is a felony to charge more for the notarial act and was honest and detailed in my invoice I submitted to her for payment. She paid me what I usually make on that type of transaction with the difference outlined as a gratuity


That’s unfortunate, but I guess state specific for you here (and glad I’m not in that boat). Do you have to post the fee for the notarial act, or the entire transaction? If the latter, are you not allowed to charge more if the transaction turns out later to not be what was described initially?

You need to post the fee for each act. Then you have to disclose all fees upfront itemized separately and have it agreed to before meeting. Once completed you have to itemize your money received separately so as to make it clear what you are being paid for.

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As I mentioned people who want expertise will not go to a ups or chase bank for a notary …this is a specific type of customer…you are right if you ever go busy ups and some person is holding up the line with a confused notary frustrates people, I had one realtor tell me today it’s just two simple stamps and I don’t want to pay for an additional witness ill go to ups. This is the type of customer I will not fight for,

B) you’re going to ups for a title close
C) You need two witnesses for your deed but your being *********

I pay people for their time and service, I avoid clientele like this and will push them to the nearest store notary fast…my prices as posted as transparent and to avoid any confusion…simple…any modifications I address at the time, I always quote the cost as an estimate

Most ups in my area require an appointment, some banks require the same thing. I find most gnw jobs deal with people who want nothing to do with banks or other big companies. Especially if it’s some kind or personal documents like divorce or poa’s. I’m so glad Oklahoma does not regulate travel fee’s.

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OK, I guess this makes sense. I look at “posting” (publish) fees and “disclosing” fees as two separate things. So if I’m tracking right, I interpret this as your required to “post” notarial act fees on your site/advertising venues, but “disclose” other fees to the customer? And you can charge more if need be?

No you cannot charge more… but they can pay you more

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Where I live, no appointment is necessary but I’ve seen the mistakes the store notaries make and they even tell me they don’t care…, especially bank notaries…
and didn’t ups get sued …smh


Your right, ups doesn’t care and it’s not like you can go back to them to have them fix it without paying another fee. I personally don’t think they would know how to properly fix anything. :woman_shrugging:t5:
Totally my opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

I make a clear distinction between the fees, you can’t overcharge for notarial acts, and your receipt must reflect the charges…

Depends on your state -but travel, service fees, etc are all fair game…just do not change the notarial fee.

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The maximum for Arizona that a notary can charge for travel is $0.445/mile and we are not allowed to charge any type of service fees. Most of my clients that pay me for GNW overpay and i itemized the difference as gratuity. They have no restrictions on tipping :laughing:

Well according to these youtube videos you can 10k a month as a notary side hustle…interesting…

UPS store closes at 6 pm around here. Banks close even earlier and very often will not notarize something that is not ‘their bank’ related. Like anything, it is good practice to promote the benefits you bring. “I’m open in the evenings, I come to you”, etc. Set your prices, state your case and if they don’t want to use you, move along. There are rare times when someone has said that I was too expensive. I just politely refer them to the UPS store. (And usually that’s on a Saturday night and they need it ‘right now!’ type of thing too, LOL)
Just do what works for you, don’t worry about what anyone else is doing in their business. It is YOUR business, run it as one and you’ll do fine :slight_smile:

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To review, I did not state that you could raise notarial fees. I stated in my previous post it was the “notarial act fee only that is guaranteed” fee you can charge. If your customer told you they had 5 pages to notarize and they were 5 miles away, then you learn when you get there that there was 15 pages to notarize and they were 15 miles away, you should be able to adjust your fee based on the new transaction information regardless of what you publish or quoted them initially.