UPS listed in Search as the top notary company?

Is UPS the top notary company in your area when you serach for notaries without ads or sponsers?

How is their website seo getting ranked number one in so many areas over other notaries?

Simple - UPS marketing strategies


Little known trick, time-consuming, but it works. Click on your listing–MULTIPLE TIMES EVERY DAY-- and in a relatively short time (less than a week…depends on when the webcrawlers…crawl) you’ll get yourself in the top spot.

FWIW: I haven’t followed my own advice in quite a while but UPS & I have been trading the #1 & #2 spot for years now.


seems more than marketing, they must have backdoor links to put their seo #1 over all notaries, you can search many areas including big cities and they are #1 or 2 in smaller towns

All of their advertising contains the keywords advising they have a notary or notary public or notaries on staff - so that will launch them to top spot quickly. Plus they’ve been advertising for years…it probably also depends on location (I know, that same old song) but if it’s a zip code search and their store is closest, they’ll pop up first or close to it.

and their #1 in organic searches, however, I do see other noatries compnaies like mine beat them in google business searches, but thats in the immeidate area only…

Sometimes is comes down to paid placement/ads on Google.

That’s where it counts! Your immediate area… Traveling 75 miles for GNW rarely is very profitable.

ups main focus, i thought was delivering packages and logistics; now when I go I see notary signs everywhere; win win for them as the google seo is putting them #1 over all local notaries without paid ads, in a small town how can a local notary compete? They pay hourly worker maybe 12-15 and can have unlimited stamps from a worker for free …

Yes, most “UPS Store” like services (including Fedex drop offs, etc.) will have a Notary available for very simple GNW signings. But I’ve learned to partner with them (I give them my business cards to give away) becuase there are certain things UPS Notaries won’t do… Things like “Wills,” “POAs” and the like. I was even given a referral by UPS for a VIN inspection. Now, it turns out the VIN being inspected belonged to a brand spanking new Semi-trailer cab. Kinda awkward to have it pull up into your driveway at home while you do the inspection. But it got done! I gather UPS didn’t do that one because it would have taken time for the Notary/clerk to come out of the office (and be away from the counter servicing other clients) to inspect the VIN. Not sure, but that seems the likely reason. So, don’t be afraid of UPS. Partner with them instead.

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Great idea. :bulb: Thank you for the tip!

They get more hits and they pay more for the listing