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I am an Arizona Mobile Signing Notary. I have worked through the issues with UPS large cardboard envelope to ship documents. I have taped to insured the package arrives safely. This on the heels of the notice from contracting companies that their notaries would have to pay for a year of ID protection if the shipping envelope is damaged and there is a chance of the ID of the borrower is compromised.
Today I had docs that would not fit in the large cardboard envelope. So, I contacted UPS regarding large poly bags they use to have. They only have small. So, if UPS makes a business decision to stop offering large poly bags, then I believe banks, title companies and mortgage companies need to notify UPS they will not do business with them. FedEx has the large pak poly bags. Does anyone else have this problem in their area?


Go online & get yourself both a FedEx & UPS Account (they’re free) and then you can order whatever you need at no cost and it’s delivered to your door in a few days. Most companies seem to prefer the plastic envelopes, ime.

I do the same. It’s the most efficient way to keep a good supply.

The problem is UPS does not offer the large poly bags. I went around and around with customer service. They wanted me to open an account and order the small poly bags. That does not work with legal size.

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UPS is a company that acts like they are trying to go out of business for years. The envelopes of flimsy paper often open before they are delivered. You have to invest in tape and tape them good. They are also too small to fit an average size loan package into. Try and use the plastic ones. I have run out of envelopes and shipping labels many times and have gone to the main UPS centers and they tell me they dont have any, or cant find them.
They also do not pick up from boxes every day. In any case, with any company, always go to a store or to one of their offices and obtain a shipping drop off receipt. More time and thats one of the many details and reasons why we have to charge a correct fee for our services.

I’m still finding them available free online. They aren’t listed under envelopes but under packaging as “Express Packs.” It took me quite a while to find where they were listed.


That’s not right. I had one company that requested cardboard legal envelopes rather than the poly mailers— they said poly bag rates were higher. Go figure?? I agree that most UPS locations do not have poly bags available. I am going to give in and open a UPS account

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You are correct UPS does not have large poly bags - they used to and they do not give you an envelope or shipping label for free in store - they charge $1 - can you believe that? Fedex is better

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UPS does have large poly bags. Circumvent the online supply system and call customer service direct using the number on the supply ordering page. Work through the automated system until you get to a real person. Explain what you do and how many shipments you send daily/weekly. Stress that you use labels provided by your clients. Be polite, be determined. Get what you need.

Scored a case of pouches, a case of large poly bags, and a case of legal envelopes, delivered to my door in 5 days.

It CAN be done!

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As far as ordering supplies goes, I used to do that. No more. Even though I was using a pre paid label , I would get billed sometimes, go figure how that happened but it takes forever to undue that one and not have to pay for it.
THey will give you labels but with your account # on it so NEVER use those labels if you do open an account. Shred them. Imagine that when the main UPS hub in your area, covering acres of land with huge buildings, and dozens of their trucks there, AND a customer service area for shipping, that they say they don’t know where the blank labels and envelopes are for you to use. This actually happened to me twice in Santa Rosa Calif.

Hi all,

Brand new notary here. Are the Express Paks from UPS just as good to use as the Poly Paks? I ordered the Express ones, but should I try to locate some of the Poly Paks too?

Go to website, create an account, go to shipping, bottom right is an order supplies button. Go to packaging. Access UPS Express Pak. The express pak is a legal sized poly bag which is standard for loan packages. You can order in packs of fifty.

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My UPS poly bags supply was getting low and I decided to order some. For my surprise today October 15, 2021 I could not find any large poly bags on their site

I have been a Notary since 2009. I am going to try calling the UPS customer service. I think if many Notaries keep calling the UPS customer service they may bring back the big poly bags.

I do closings for some signing agencies that always request the documents to be mailed back inside a “poly bag only” using their UPS label.

I don’t know if this is a UPS changing their shipping supplies or if there is a shortage of the poly bags.

Please let me know if you are running into the same situation. And what are you doing to ship the documents?

Workaround: FedEx does offer their Large Paks for free. And so, I ship UPS using FedEx large paks all the time. No one cares, even at the UPS store. As long as the UPS label is there. And I don’t have enough UPS shipments that it really matters for FedEx (maybe 1-2 a week, as opposed to 10-12 a week for FedEx, at minimum).