URLA Question?

Hi Everyone

Need some input please!
I have a signing, “yay”, lol!
It’s a simple refi, 2 borrowers (husband and wife)
There is one for husband, I have him initial the “joint” section. The signature page has his name printed, he signs on the line above. There is a “co-borrower” printed to the side but does not show the wife’s name. The last page same thing - only his name.

Her portion, she initials the “joint” section on 1st page above. However, there are no signature lines with her name on any of the following pages for her. Does she sign on the husbands under co borrower.

I’ve only seen the ones that are exactly alike for each borrower

Thank you for your help

Since there are 2, I just have the husband sign his and the wife sign hers.

Sorry, I misread…yes, have the wife sign as co-borrower if they are applying for joint credit.


Thank you for your response!
Yes, I did have the wife sign at the “co-borrower” line next to the husbands. I know these forms changed a bit recently. But there are still some slight variations of the form that I’ve seen.

was she listed on the note? the sig section is and may be on seperate pages with new URLA. the joint credit part could have been an error. something sounds strange

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Yes, she was on the note. I had her sign at the co-borrower line