US directory => Scam call stating they're from Notary Cafe (NOTE: They're NOT)

Has anyone received a call to be listed in US directory that has notaries and cost $5 a month

Just say No!!!

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You will have to get mean with them or they will keep calling you.

They are a scam. I asked them where are they getting their business from to send the referrals over to me. They mentioned the same services that I am already signed up with…lol. If you google them you will see them on the scam report.

NO… Dealt with them for awhile trying to get them to leave me alone after they try to scam you into paying marketing cost for leads you don’t actually receive.

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I just got a call saying the are from NOTARY Cafe and they said the name US directories during their speal. They wanted $59 . Then he said the NNA is sending him to a conference in Soldotna and he would want to have a cup of coffee with me. I call bull*** (edited by admins). Instead of giving him my credit card I said bill me. Obviously a scam. He just told me that the bill will be from Us directory. His phone number is 954-378-9138 Alex Rodriguez my supposed account manager.

@NC_Mike Good Morning Mike, Did you see this?

"saying they are from NOTARY Cafe "

“Us directory. His phone number is 954-378-9138 Alex Rodriguez my supposed account manager.”

We are aware of the way US Directory insinuates over the phone that they represent us, as well as other companies. Please know that we have no affiliation with them in any way and do not condone their actions.

We will continue working towards preventing this type of behavior, but the best advice I can offer is to be cautious of ANY solicitation calls you receive, until you confirm the identity and validity of the service. Alex Rodriguez is not authorized to represent Notary Cafe in any manner.

Mike, Notary Cafe Support


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