Use a checklist

Particularly when working for multiple companies, a checklist of reminders for yourself - based solely on your own weaknesses (you know the ones I mean) - can make a big difference during your final check before you seal that shipping envelope.


I’ve thought about that. Unfortunately, for large clents, different divisions can have different requirements, so it’s not easy to figure out what the different divisions are and what the requirements apply to each division. Some possible discrepancies are

  • report completion right away / report completion by end of day / no need to report
  • report completion on the web / report completion by phone
  • include copy of id / must not include copy of id
  • do / do not include shipping number in completion report
  • do / do not wait for review of scanbacks before shipping package

Very true! Wouldn’t standardization be nice, at least within the same company? Here’s my method, as a suggestion: Make notes on your assignment sheet. Use a highlighter lavishly. Write in the margins. At the end of the week quickly jot down the details most likely to be forgotten on a page titled with the company/division/department name. File it in a notebook you keep handy for future reference. A quick glance last thing before sealing that shipping envelope can save you on that late night when you are tired and impatient to go home.

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