VA LOANS application

I just need confirmation i dont need to notarize anything in the loan application and disclosures even though is say “acknowledge” “certify”. No notarial certificates were provided oor anything remotly indicating notarial act.

Usually correct. No notarization on Applications. When in doubt, ASK hiring party.

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@thefinaltouchnotary Concur :100: percent to consult with your Hiring Party for definitive instructions regarding the professional work to be provided including, Power of Attorney [POA] signatures, initialing, etc.

Better safe, than sorry =>>> they are the final arbiters of determining if everything was executed correctly/accurately, of course, within the guidelines of the states laws/statutes.


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Late to the party but better late than never… :slight_smile:

To add to the above - you’re probably going to be required to pick up some supporting documents to return with the app - make sure hiring party gives you an itemized list of exactly what they want returned so they can’t say you didn’t complete the job.

My $.02 FWIW

They NEVER have their required documents ready when you arrive. Some even have caregivers that question everything you say.

So Thanks for mentioning that Linda. In the past I have agreed to accept these assignments when business was slow. It’s not slow enough yet though.

“Just and application, no notarizations required so we (the hiring party) can only pay you so much but if you do this for us you’ll get to go back out and notarize the loan”. Not true.

Exactly - what if you’re already booked and can’t do it? What if the loan doesn’t go through?? What if, what if, what if…

Also, at first, I used to take these for $50-$75 - until I found out just how “painful” these things can be and the apps were getting bigger and bigger - then my fee was adjusted to the same as for the final signing - $125 minimum, payable within 30 days - no waiting til loan closed.


I don’t see these anymore in my area. You cannot purchase a single family home around here for $726,200.