Very slow.....why?

I am in Vegas and it is VERY slow lol.

The rates have been lowered the past few months also.

The bulk of my signings (at least 3 a day) were Refinances.

Do you think it’s because of interest rates?

Is your city slow too?

Business has not been slow for me in San Antonio, TX. However, the bulk of my business is purchases directly through a builder and direct business from a title company and most of what they have been doing is purchases as well.

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New builds were very high here, but are slowing down now.

Very slow notary business-wise in Portland, Oregon. I’m sure signings will pick again at some point. Meanwhile, my little boat sits in a dead calm with no breeze to tease the sails. :neutral_face:

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Yes I am in Central Louisiana. I have gone from three to four per day to three or four a week, and I have a 100% perfect total on my work. I do not have defects. I have been told by several signing companies that the interest rate has caused this.

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here in northwest ohio slow too! any new marketing ideas anyone?

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Just look on the internet, refinancing is at its lowest levels in 18 years, we are definitely at the bottom of a very long cycle that hopefully will end sooner than later. Also, purchases are slow with rates being higher.

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