Want to start and manage our own Signings with a signing platform?

I have begun researching signing software pricing. anyone have the same idea?

I would love to, any pointers and or suggestions on getting started?

I have begun researching software platforms and cost. There are some I have spoken to. On an average 499.00 would be the cost for website setup and training. If you want additional info pls reachout. 240.460.7603

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Thank you for the information… I’ll check it out… Thanks

Not as easy as it looks, folks. You need a whole lot more than ‘a platform’…like a bunch of money available to pay your notaries while you wait for the monthly check from the Title Co. or you’ll rapidly get a reputation for being one of those 60-90 days out ‘slow-payers’. Also, many TCs don’t pay you for no-signs, but you better believe the notary expects to get paid.


I’m not thinking easy I’m thinking feasibility, more control, and leveling the playing field. If you accept a Signing on Snapdocs you get paid from the signing company not the signing portal. Having said that why can’t notaries have their own platform ? I’m willing to invest.

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Well, that’s an interesting idea, but I’m not wrapping my brain around it. So, you’re saying that Notaries should invest in a platform operated by ‘notaries who have invested in it’? Sorta like paying a Directory to advertise, yes? There’s the fly in the ointment. In order for it to work, nearly every notary would need to join & pay because no hiring party will even LOOK for a notary in this platform UNLESS they know that just about everyone is listed there and said platform offers all the bells & whistles that current ‘hiring-party-pays platforms’ offer…and they can look for free…as that’s the only perk that would attract them. I don’t quite know how you’d allow them to rate a notary in confidentiality if it’s run by notaries who have paid to join. Because the notary is paying to join, how is this leveling the playing field or increasing fees? Just another middleman unless you allow everyone in for free just to achieve the numbers needed (both notaries and hiring parties). In which case, you’re working for free. Keep working on it!

I have identified atleast 2 sites that mimic Snapdocs as an example. They do have the same functionality but different UI. You don’t pay to use snapdocs the signing company does and other business entities. The notaries are. not paying to use the portal. So far as ratings go only the system can rate the notary based on how the rating system is programmed. That is an admin function. I have an IT background so I know how to organize it and a programmer to add functionality if needed. Notaries get on the forum and complain about a litany of things. I have yet to see anyone step up for change. A 30, 000 budget is good beginning and also people that would support the vision.

Before Snapdocs came along, hiring parties found notaries in 3 ways: 1. They checked notary-paid Directories, most of which also allowed free listings w/somewhat limited visibility. 2. They used their own database of notaries who had hunted them down & ‘signed up’, providing all the usual required info. 3. They farmed out the findanotary to a Signing Svc.(who used methods 1 & 2 to fill an order.)

Snapdocs–for a fee–allowed hiring parties to upload their database of notaries so every notary is there for all to see, rate, include/exclude in canudo blasts, wait for replies and pick 1. This method, of course, gave birth to ‘who will do this cheapEST’. Then some hiring parties figured out they could (for $499, as you said) start their own platform, eliminate 1 middleman, and still play the ‘cheap’ game without paying a fee.

I do not quite understand how another middleman platform will ‘level the playing field’ as any platform is paid for by some entity & so will be ‘slanted’ towards paying party’s interests and that concept will NOT appeal to the other party.
That’s kind of where SD played it smart–notaries do not pay, but are visible, rated–and have to opt out. If notaries had to pay, basically, to NOT be rated, how many would do so and, more important–how would that appeal to hiring parties? Conversely, why would a notary pay and still be rated? Keep working on it!

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Well I’m retired from IT now so if I believe in a cause and have THE MONEY and TIME why not ?? For me being a notary is a part- time plus. Let me find out it won’t work. After all I’m not asking anyone for assistance or money. I simply put an :bulb: idea out there. I don’t need approval. This is exactly why companies conduct business the way they do.

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Of course you don’t need approval! Hey, all the changes to this industry have come about because somebody had an idea. You have the talent, time & money to pursue yours. Go for it!

You know…123notary began as a free directory to allow notaries to place their information and be found by signing companies and title companies, for free. Then, he made a secondary level where depending on the county where you wanted to be listed, you would pay for the privilege of ranking higher on the list. Jeremy, the owner of this database, went crazy and started sabotaging his directory (see other postings here). This seemed to be a very high functioning directory and I for one received great calls (title companies and such) from this directory.

I think it would be a great idea, and it might very well make great money in the future. The place to start is researching 123notary, notaryrotary, etc. See what they offer, how they charge, and how they structure. You will then have to market…as with any business. Rankings on the web will be extremely important and the most expensive part. I would join a new directory that was similar to what Jeremy had developed.


Agree with that statement! The best part of 123’s Directory was the totally UNLIMITED by mileage (almost infinite) search feature. ** I find the others far too limited in mileage, particularly in rural, small town counties.**. I also think that SnapDocs works the same as I do get ‘notifications’ of signings that would be an all day affair–3, 400 miles round trip!

Very interesting discussion. I will watch and see at this point.

123notary still gives great business calls from title companies, ( $125 and up fees) , Structured settlement companies ( $150 and up fees) or other signing services who don’t use snapdocs yet.

I have my set fees and tell them to shove it, if they start haggling.

OH By the way, I am developing a new ordering service and need financial backers to pay my developers. This is going to be great for notaries. 7 days to 10 days payment, Base fees can be set by notaries. Free registration for notaries and direct pay from the service. Title have to pay me and Boom !! instantly your fees will be transffered.

All electronic, all automated !!!
Title companies will be told upfront to collect notary fee in closing costs and show them are non refundable.
They have Pay even if LOAN does NOT CONSUMMATE !!! Why, Notary service was performed and hence this cost is included,
Just like survey or appraisal or loan application fee. which are all NOn refundable. Notary service fee is also NON REFUNDABLE. SERVICE.

Wait and watch. These are the terms

No signing services allowed. Only direct title companies, attorney escrows, settlement agencies

All mobile notary fees must be marked as separate item in ALTA / HUD 1 / CD as fees payable for services rendered to
customer (signer/s)

FULL Mobile Notary Closers fee is payable irrespective whether transaction consummates or cancels

Payments upon settlement or intended settlement date, irrespective if NORTC is exercised or deal falls thru for any reason outside of notary error.

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I would be onboard for a platform like that! Most of the time the signing agencies are taking huge chunks of the payout with no consideration for the cost to the notary! Take 10% of the signing! It is WAY less than the signing companies!

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