WARNING: Anybody heard of Equity Law Group

I haven’t been paid from them and it’s been over two months just wondering if anybody else has work for them??


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Haven’t heard of them sorry. Sorry this happened

Unfortunately, I was scammed too for an $85 signing loan modification in Vegas. 55 days past due and no one will pay me. These people are in Chino, California. How to sue these fat cats!?

Call 909-457-7512 and leave a message if needed. Have the name on the file and the invoice amount ready for when you are called back.

I left a message yesterday, a lady named Irene called me back today, and I received a PayPal payment a few hours later.

Let me know if this works for you too!


Just out of curiosity; did they ever say why they would not pay you initially?

No one responded to emails afterwards and the phone number provided never returned phone calls and eventually was “not a valid extension.” They had all worked prior.

I finally dug around the internet to track the main attorney down.


Thanks I really appreciate you letting me know I will try tomorrow and keep everyone updated