WARNING BEWARE: Worldwide Signings

Is anyone having issues with payment for this company? Still waiting for payment for a May closings. Got told check was in the mail over a month ago.

These companies are a hot mess. Going to try some local lenders.

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@LeannaKemp Many of the seasoned professionals & sages like myself strongly recommend performing a Search utilizing the Magnifying Glass prior to working with a business that is new to you.

Here is an image of the elusively invisible Magnifying Glass to assist you:

I performed a quick Search of the GOLDMINE within the Notary Cafe Database and found these Results for you:


thank you. I took the work and didn’t research them, now I have gotten bitten!

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@LeannaKemp Sorry to read about your experience. :disappointed_relieved:

It may be helpful to know that when you’re being offered a potential order from a client new to you, Accept it (if you’re willing & it meets your criteria) & extend an additional statement that your Acceptance is Contingent upon approval after you vet them as a New Client.

=> Some not-so-reputable potential clients will immediately pullback their “offer,” because they’re cognizant their company won’t pass the proverbial muster . . .

This will provide you with time to perform research & then make a sagacious decision as a business owner to provide the services ( or not) & then await payment for the professional services successfully provided to them.

====>>>> P.S. Keep after them by sending invoices & identifying late fees as they accrue. Also, you may want to include with the invoice a note that you’re sending a copy of this long overdue invoice to the Title Company as well. This will usually prompt the SS to send immediate payment electronically.

You may also find it fruitful to simply reach out to the Title Company directly to advise them of the non-payment status.

Hope this helps :sweat_drops:


P.S. Wondering if the OP @LeannaKemp could ADD the term “ALERT” or “WARNING” at the beginning of the Thread Title please . . .

NOTE: If doing a Search to vet a potential new client and the term ALERT or WARNING is in the title, it would be a quicker reference instead of having to pull up the thread, read through the posts, etc.


I have a signing with them for tomorrow, I am tired of these companies now that it is slow not paying us, I am going to cancel then I want to email and tell them that I am canceling because they are a company that doesn’t pay, what do you think might as well be honest

I was paid but took 3 months and some pestering so that is a call you have to decide.
Good luck.