WARNING: Coast 2 Coast Low Pay & No Pay

Very low fees of usually $ 30-45.00. I’ve been waiting for over 100 days to get paid $ 30.00.
Does this company not have funds available to pay their notaries? Very sad.

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This is beyond frustrating they are so far behind it makes me wonder what the real deal is. A few years ago when I did my own investigation the founder had changed her name not once not twice but three times like she was trying to hide something and now the powers it be at Coast to Coast are saying well she’s my friend and we pay her and she is supposed to pay you it’s blame shifting it’s not right I’m not accepting any more of their cheap ass no pay loan mods I’ve been a notary for 25 years and they can go to hell!
I’m owed over $500 I’m a former White glove First American Title notary. I walked away from them because they ran the wheels off me 400 -500 miles a day over 2,000 loans a year I’m done with this nickel and dime outfit Monday I’m going to be reporting them to dun & Bradstreet and their number one client I will take them out!


Terrible company. I think they are nearly finished.

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Oh I’m definitely letting first American know what’s really going on but they’re one of their number one clients will know as well.

First American doesn’t want to pay people right anyway when I would look at the settlement sheet and see that they get $600 for sending me out add that up times 2,000 closings and they would only pay $50.

So their workaround is to hire a closing contractor that hires for nickel and dimes when you have to print out the documents and you have to do scan backs you also have to drive to the location present the signer with the documents then go to FedEx basically we are the legs of the title company but we’re disrespected and seriously I’m done!

In my 25 years I have never in my life experienced this this is the worst.


Coast 2 Coast is one of the worse, I will never work for them again, do yourself the same favor.


I’m awaiting payment as well. I’ve never had payment issues with them before in the past and have done signings for them on and off over the last year. Currently they are 15 days over their 30 day turn around time which is unusual for them in my experience. I’ve reached out via email and phone but have heard nothing back yet. I have chosen to not do much business with them due to falling fees as well and will not be taking anymore signings if there is payment issues. We should not have to track down payment if it is a thriving professional company.

After weeks of trying to get a hold of someone there for payment I was finally successful today after leaving a voicemail stating I would be reaching out to title if no response is made. I called back a second time and spoke to someone who helped me out and asked me to forward my email to them and they would make sure it got taken care of. I also received a call right back from someone else there asking what I needed help with. She asked for the order# and stated she would make sure it gets over to accounting. After a few email attempts sending my invoice and a few voicemails this is concerning. A notary should never have to search down payment. Hopefully payment will be sent out today.

Reach out to them and let them know you will be reaching out to title for non-payment if you do no receive a response with payment sent. I did that this morning and was able to finally get headway from 2 people who told me they’d make sure it got to accounting and taken care of.

Perhaps a suggestion? Anyone who gets a low ball offer from them, simply decline and then when it asks why, choose that you do not want to work with them anymore…the effect might be no more low ball offers to you from them, so no more slow pay or no pay files to chase, and then their clients will have to go somewhere else, when “no one”(including newer agents thinking working for them will count or help them gain a rep), will work for insulting wages anymore.
Just a thought…roll_eyes:

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Coast 2 Coast is a serious problem for our industry. Low quotes on payment & no payment is received. I don’t know about you, but I work hard for my money & have expenses for paper, toner & equipment.


I unfortunately had the same issue and the amounts have added up. I was told they would investigate, that they send it via Deluxe which charges a $4.99 transfer funds fee. However, everyone else that uses that company, which I have performed signings have paid up- except them.

I am new to signings and have posted about my late payment from this company for a signing completed in April. I am not taking any more signings from this company but as of June 2024 I am curious if anyone else is waiting for payment?

Coast 2 Coast has been a problem since 2021. I did a loan in July & another in June of 2021. Several sites had said they were bad to their notaries, but I gave it a try. They have us in a unique way because the fees are not worth going to small claims court. Hopefully they will burn enough notaries, that others will refuse to complete their loans.

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I have outstanding invoices with C2C since March 2024. They do not communicate and have failed to pay. I looked up the companies under the California Business SOS database and cannot locate them under “Inc” and or “co.” This makes me wonder if they are using another entity alias (DBA). I am looking into potential avenues as lack of communication or CAN template responses does not resolve anything. I hear that some get paid, but those are in the minority. I do enjoy loan modifications, but I do not work for free, it’s that simple.

For court fees waiver: FORM FW-001 may be applicable

Not an attorney, but considering options.


I googled the address and sent a letter to the email address on the site and loan mod from the signings. Finally, I was able to get a response and received partial payment which I am still working on. My 2nd signing from April 2024 is the one I am owed.

Update: C2C paid using Deluxe. They broke it down into (2) payments, where 1 payment was only available as a printed check. However, funds cleared so they are up to date.