WARNING: Coast 2 Coast - RUN

I completed 2 assignments with this company in July and not payment to date. I reviewed then in BBB and they has a 1.44 out of 5. Everyone seems to complain about them. Notaries beware. I really think NNA or the state should do something about these kind of companies.

I’ve worked with them in the far distant past and they do pay…it just takes 90 days or more. Also, don’t expect the state or another co. to ‘do something’ about’ any other company’s operation. Just keep letting others know your experience with any company and, when accepting a signing, be sure the co. meets with your approval.


@merlinepennant999 Yes, Thank You :crown: for sharing your direct experience with this business entity.


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Maybe title companies should completely vet the signing services.
Good notaries go through training, commissioning, insurance, back-ground checks. Title companies have to go through more than we do, so why aren’t they vetting the signing services like they do us when we work directly with them. Seems to me they should maybe skip the middle man.

Good Question (why aren’t they vetting the signing services) And EXCELLENT answer (they should maybe skip the middle man)

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I agree 100%. I have always have to reach out for payment on the signing Co’s. I am still waiting for a job I did for Prestige back in July. Their pay is crap, they want things done right away, and then they don’t pay on time or in some cases not at all. Does anyone have any names of good signing companies that can be trusted to pay and pay well?? I would love to know.

@sondakilson Concur :100: with @Arichter 's post above. :crown:

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My experience is 45-60 days… but they do pay. I email them around the 50 day mark & pmt arrives right after that. I also include all the recent jobs & those get paid too.

C2C has been ok with me so far. It’s prestige Notaries that is awful. Very unprofessional

I have seen so many comments about Coast to Coast no paying that I just ignore their requests. Plus they always have super low-ball offers with ridiculous requirements - Print 3, Execute 2 and travel 40 miles round trip for $30! Seriously?!? The state rate in Texas just went up to $10/stamp as of 9/1/2023 so you haven’t even covered my stamp fees never mind mileage and printing costs.

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