WARNING: Cohesion Signing Service, Inc

Has anyone worked with Cohesion Signing Service, Inc.?

I have done a few with them. Good pay, pay on time and hardly a scan back.

Good to know. I did 1 signing for them 36 days ago. I love no scanbacks! I believe I’m still within the “30 days” for payment, so just want to know if I should be skeptical of them or not. So far, I’m okay with them. Thanks.

About one in four with be late payment. Keep on top of them.

They have been very reliable with me. Pay on time and not low ballers.

I have had a couple of signings with Cohesion in the past few months. The first signing took 9 weeks (over 60 days) for the payment to finally show up. I’m on the 9th week following the second signing I did for them and still have not received payment. I emailed them yesterday to see if someone would check on payment status for me, but I have not heard back from anyone yet. I don’t know if this is a recent issue for them, since it seems from others that they have paid promptly in the past. I’d like to continue doing work for Cohesion, but the slow-pay issue is troublesome.

I am signing up now for Cohesion and I have a question. It is requiring me to put dollar amounts in before I can save. What do I do? I am new at this and don 't know what to put in there. Thanks

Cohesion is now a NO PAY on an 8/24/21 close with me. No response to multiple emails and phone is disconnected today.

Ive been calling them, emailing them regarding a signing I did back in December 2021. We are in February now and still no pay.

I am going on 3 months waiting for payment. Do you happen to have a contact number for their accounting department?

Nope . . . as a matter of fact, I just sent them an email today requesting payment for a job that is now out 60 days. I have never had a payment from them that arrived within a reasonable timeframe – i.e., under 45 days. I’ve had to chase every single payment from them. It’s frustrating. I do great closing work for the companies I work for and I turn things around very quickly for them, always ensuring there will be no hitches with the closing because of anything on my end. It would be nice to be paid promptly for my work – I consider this a professional obligation of the companies I work with. When that doesn’t happen, I choose not to work for them anymore. I’m sure they’re not waiting 2-3 months for their payment from the title company or they’d be out of business!

Agreed. I think I’ll reconsider doing work for them in the future. It takes too much time to chase them down.

Cohesion Signing Service is a horrible company in my experience. Please beware. I did 3 signings for them and had to hound them for payment on every single one just like I see others here did too. They finally paid for 2 signings and on the 3rd said I did not print on letter and legal, but I have the scans to prove that I did. They are still trying not to pay me. I am reporting them to everyone I can and am pursuing legal action. Don’t let these shady companies get away with not paying you and make others aware so more notaries don’t get taken advantage of. Make sure you let the title companies know when this happens so they know what services not to work with.