WARNING: Cohesion Signing Service payment problem

I have been working successfully with Cohesion for a while. In the last month, their payments are becoming very overdue, 40+ days so far and no payment. I inquired and they said they are having problems with the conversion of their system, but that was two weeks ago. I did receive one late payment but still waiting on another with no response. May not take any more jobs from them if issue is not resolved. Just a heads up.


Thank you for the heads-up!

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I too was having late payment in the last month or two. However, I think they are back on track now as I have received payment from them on a regular basis.

Yes you are correct. Just got a payment 42 days late today. I like them and they used to pay great. Good to deal with. Happy it’s solved. Thanks.

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I’m glad you were able to get paid. I have two unpaid jobs from August 27, and September 7. I have emailed and left voicemail, but have gotten no response. Do you have an email or number for them? In the past, Cohesion has always paid me per their schedule.

Does anyone have a way to contact Cohesion? All the numbers I can find are no longer in service. I have received no responses to my emails. I have an unpaid signing from October 5. Did they eventually respond to your emails or did a check just show up one day?

I checked with the SOS website and they are delinquent in their filing. All numbers have been disconnected. Probably out of business. So sad for those who haven’t been paid. I would contact title to see if they could pay you.

I appreciate all of these responses from everyone! I have had two signings with Cohesion in recent months – one for which I was paid about 9 weeks after the signing, and the second one for which I have not yet been paid. I emailed them yesterday (Jan 5th) to get a status on the payment for the second signing which was again over 60 days ago, but have not heard back yet. Given the most recent experiences I’m reading about above, it seems I may not get a payment out of them. I’ll post an update if I eventually hear from them or receive a payment.

Count me in as another who is waiting too long for a payment from Cohesion. Disappointed in them, did a few orders from them last year, no problem getting paid ever. Now waiting on a payment from an order completed 2/23/22, company is more or less non-responsive to emailed and phone requests looking for payment. Very sad, that the owners of this company take advantage of a system which ultimately leaves notaries holding the empty bag.

I currently have 2 outstanding invoices with them from March 2022 I have left several messages and no response I found an different number on their website called it left a message no response. I don’t think that I can afford to do any future signings with this company.

I completed a signing for them on 12/6, and they have not paid. They do not respond to calls or emails. Do not do work for this company. Adding them to my ever-growing blacklist lately.
At this point, I think I will stop signings for new Signing Services that I have not worked for before. At least until things pick up.
If you can, I recommend you do the same.
There are so many that don’t pay or create a fiasco to hunt down small change.

When i get a call from a company i have not done business before… while on the phone i check NC right away and do a quick business search. I ask them where they are located. I have a conversation with them. Its an interview process i feel… only had to do this a handful of times. If i get the order through signing order… i accept… research… call the number on the order verify payment terms verbally… AOE almost got me and because i followed my process i was able to avoid being one of his victims. To date (knock on wood) i have had no collection issues.

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Cohesion has been a problem for over a year. I do not take signings from them. Sometimes you can contact title to get paid.

I’ve never had a problem before now. They’re not responding to emails or phone calls. Beware!