WARNING: Experience with Creative Signings => very slow/Non-Payment

Has anyone had dealings with this organization? Like how well do they pay…

i have done dozens with them. they pay without tracking down. generally 30 days.

I have done a couple of signings for them and they pay by printed check (I cannot remember the platform). They send you a picture of the check with remittance stub and you print it out and deposit it in your bank right away.

Creative Signings pay well and they pay on time. I’ve never had a problem with them.

First let me say this is my 2 month of signing and so far I’m enjoying it But today was a little different. Just had an experience today did a signing for a time share , Appointment was scheduled at 3pm
The company did send Doc to be downloaded until 2pm and asked for 2 copies the location was 30 min from my home during school traffic and construction I arrived a little late I didn’t have much time to look through Documents Then the Borrower need some explanation I directed her to her lender who than asked me to explain the loan information I didn’t even have time to look through them For what I understand my job is not to explain loan terms or iam I wrong NC

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They are a fine company and professional.

when was last time u did a job for them ??
now they want 45-60 days to pay
this is the creative signings in riverside cal.

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Creative Signings is a good payer and very easy to work with. Just did a signing for them and it was a bit of a Chinese fire-drill. Working together at 8:30 one night we managed to catch and correct issues with a package scheduled for signing the next day. Without getting into details, it was handled with professionalism, and the highest level of attention. Highly recommended, they are excellent to work with… GJM

Hello, your job is to direct the signer to the information in the package. if you get on the phone and the person on the other end tells you to explain the particulars to the signer, you reached the wrong person. Every package has contact information in it. Stop everything and find the right number to call. Never, never, try to give a detailed explanation, you will find yourself in the deep end of the pool, legally. Short fuses on packages will happen now and then, its part of the game. However its your choice to take the assignment.

You did the right thing. It’s not the Notary’s job to explain a document. NC is an attorney state as well, and that’s what the attorneys are supposed to be there for.