WARNING: Ghosted by Americas Notary Pro

Has anyone here ever been ghosted by a signing service?

Americas Notary Pro found me here in Notary Cafe. They bombarded me with calls in the early part of August, and the last assignment I did for them was 8/18.

One of the signing statuses has been listed as closed and paid as of 8/22. Another was listed closed and paid on 8/31. I’ve not received anything from them.

Right now, they are late paying me $550 on 5 assignments I did, and tomorrow is day 30 on a $90 assignment.

I spoke to someone there last Wednesday, who said checks were going out that day. Here it is more than a week later, and still nothing. They are not responding to emails, and reminder invoices.

I’m stressing hard over this! Those assignments were more than half my August income!

If you’ve had similar experiences, please share what has and hasn’t worked for you in collecting your pay.


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This is quite disturbing, I did one for them last month. It will be 1 month on the 14th. I hope I dont have the run around and I hope you can get your money. This is so sad that we have to chase after companies to be paid especially when they didnt have to run us down to get the work down.

Please advise when you finally get payment.

I was told by a wise person that if you cannot get payment from the office to look the company up and get person in charge info and email or call them if you can. She found them on twitter and was able to retrieve her money with 3 days after speaking with them. Just a thought


Multiple times. All you can do is stay on 'em as often as possible…daily, 10 x a day, whatever it takes until it’s simply easier to pay you than not. Of course, they’ll never call you again, but, you wouldn’t want them to anyway. One way to avoid this is check their rating on NotaryRotary and believe what you see.
If they haven’t paid others, they won’t pay you…so give it back to them promptly so you’re available when a decent co. calls.


I have done numerous assignments for them and always have been paid. Keep calling and emailing them.

Set up invoice reminders and keep pushing along. Ensure you make a note of the representative who offered you the assignment.

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As general practice, I always write down the time and date I speak to a signing service, and to whom I spoke. The last couple of places I worked, prior to becoming an NSA, were extremely toxic work environments. Document, document, document. Every little detail.


I don’t see this company on Notary Rotary… I accepted an assignment for this week…

Update: I received payment from them in full today. So, only 1 of 8 assignments I did for them was paid on time. I would say they are slow pay.

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was the payment thru the mail?

Yes, they mailed me a check.

I did a signing for them in 08/22 and 09/22. I emailed them to inquire about the payment on 10/12/22 and they stated I did not submit a W9 (dont know how that was possible) so I submitted one that day. I have then since moved and provided a new on 12/6/22. I called 3 times today. 1st call left voicemail, 2nd and 3rd I got hung up on by Belinda. Now I am off to any reviews, title company and the BBB.

That’s so unprofessional I’m so sorry this happened to you! I just had a good experience with them and got paid quickly because I think was close to the cut off time ( I think they pay twice a months but don’t quote me )

I’m curious did they pay you? I am frustrated for you but I think they have some employees that don’t care that are doing things such as hanging up on you which is uncalled for. I would call and ask for the manager and the managers manager. Please give us an update. Thank you!

I’m glad they paid you !

The latest information I had was America’s Notary Pro failed to filed their Texas Franchise return. They were suspended from conducting business as a Texas corporationl

I also have been not paid for a closing I completed on 5/4/2023. I called and was told they needed a W-9 so I sent it. Then I waited another month and nothing called again no answer on their end and that is how its been since. I contacted the Title company and they didn’t want to help as they had already paid Americas Notary Pro. I did some research and found this company was not allowed to conduct business anymore. I called the Title company back and let them know what kind of company they were working with and they are still not wanting to help probably related.