WARNING: HireNotary.com

I keep getting emails from HireNotary.com, has any one had any experiences good or bad with this company. Just concerned they might not be legit…? I would appreciate any feedback ya’ll can offer. BTW Happy December everyone! Best wishes for 2022!!

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I was checking, they want $48 to signup. NO THANKS

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Thats why I am skeptical… :woozy_face:

Has anyone…ANY ONE…ever actually received a job from all these ‘less popular’ directories?
IMO, if there aren’t a kazillion notaries listed, ain’t nobody gonna use that directory.


DO NOT pay these guys a dime!!! When I was a new newbie, I paid their stupid fee and got NOTHING. It’s a scam of the highest order. Please, steer clear. They are NOT legitimate.


I love reading your replies/responses to these posts! You seem like you’d be a fun time at an event! :slight_smile:


Hahahaha, that’s funny :laughing:

I recently received several emails from Hirenotary.com. I initially did not have a good “gut” feeling about them. Now after reading the comments posted on this site I’m glad I did not pursue the offer. Thanks a bunch for your posts!!!

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They take took my money and I never did ONE signing with them.

And you never will do a signing for them. It’s a long-standing SCAM. Forget about the $$ you paid and move on. I did.

Thank you for everyone spreading the news of this Fraud.
I also keep (just got one now) getting emails to join…now with the "Hurry…we’ll take no more notaries after Dec 31!). And thank you to this Forum for keeping it in archives!! I have yet to be aware of any company we pay to sign up and then we receive signing assignments.