Warning, its a RANT: National Notary Association

I did it. I was emailed repeatedly by Field Choice regarding my BGO, which of course had not expired, and, which of course I would not allow to expire. It just so happens that my Texas Commission was up for renewal too.

During this time I was recovering from an illness and not clear on what place being a Notary Signing Agent would have in my life. I took the road less travelled. I renewed my commission through the American Association of Notaries. I ordered my BGO through Field Choice at almost $50 savings. (the very same one the NNA runs, just less expensive. However, I wish Field Choice had mentioned that the NNA would not recognize the same background check ordered by anyone but the NNA.

Now, I find that the NNA does not recognize any Background Online Report unless the NNA is paid to run it. So, again as discussed in now closed forums regarding the NNA-- I need to figure out if I am going to allow myself to be strong armed by the National Organization, if the potential loss of business would be important to me.

I know there are Signing Services and Title Company members that drink from Notary Cafe. I would like to hear from you if the more expensive BGO from NNA is that important to you, if YOU find the BGO from Field Choice unacceptable I would like to hear it from you. I would like to know–Do YOU really only hire NNA Certified Signing Agents? Do you recognize other training?

Financially, I could pay for another BGO, run another test, pay for another membership. But, at this point–its the principal of the situation. I am more willing to take the test than I am to pay another of the same Background Online check. Actually, we should be given an annual SPW exam FREE.

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Signing Agent in Massachusetts? Mass is an attorney state…is it worth the investment?

Thanks. I think I had the wrong link. I corrected it.

@mswalters Many Notary Cafe members (& non-members as well) feel your pain as they share this experience. :woman_facepalming:

I’ve researched the Notary Cafe database & have located a few threads that you may find helpful to further elucidate this topic:


Also, here is the direct PDF link to the “SPW Notary Signing Agent Background Screening Standards:” (5 pages) You may find this information helpful to you while seeking out answers to your queries.


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@mswalters the problem seems to be that the NNA has convinced many, if not most, lenders and title companies that their BGC is the standard and the best. Truth be told, I had it done through them…also had it done through Notary Rotary - compared the two reports - Notary Rotary’s BGC was more detailed and more accurate than NNA’s - yet is not accepted.

Somehow they’ve cornered the market on this part of the signing industry, and I think it’s a shame. IMO they are not the benchmark for the signing industry.

Thank you for yor time in answering. I was already reviewing the SPW link. I guess the NNA is the only agency that has the “Official” Certification. Therefore, the NNA can charge more for their Backgrounds Online check than, Field Choice for instance. Of course the NNA includes the annual exam, which I suppose merits paying more than for the stand alone Background online check. Again, its not just money, but the Principal. I guess in the end the question is–Are he companies that require NNA Certification that important to our bottom line? It would just seem more fair if other certifications carried as much weight. Anyway, I claim it as a tax deduction–so, I will likely keep doing it until I stop.accepting any kind of loan signings.

Thanks your for your input.

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@mswalters You’re Welcome. :tada::heavy_heart_exclamation: Concur :100: percent with it being the principle and thus creating a monopoly within this sector of the industry.

The impact to ones bottom line would vary from region-to-region across the US - plus, it would be contingent upon your tenure in this business sector.

  • If one has already established relationships with multiple, reliable clients - then, reach out individually & query them in regard to their specific requirements. ===>>> This will definitively provide the data needed to ascertain the best decision to make in this regard.


Hey, I was smothering myself and behaving–I really, really wanted to write the M word, but I did not. That was a huge accomplishment for me. Then, here you go…

I decided to just go ahead and do it–sometimes easier than going against the wind. But-that was exactly why I left real estate, the “REALTOR” thing began to nauseate me.

You are such a busy person at this gathering. Thanks for all the extras you do to help out–like links and Fincen (GAG) stuff:-)

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@mswalters Yep, the M word.

Happy to be of support. :palm_tree: Thank you for letting me know that my contributions are helpful❣️