WARNING: Jellyfish signing service no pay

Jellyfish owes me $800 going back to October. After numerous phone calls and emails with no answers, I’m about to call all of the clients from my signings and let them know that his company is not paying me for the completed jobs. I myself, had to take another job because I was counting on this money to pay bills. I went out of my way to go above and beyond for this company even delivering docs to an escrow office when I found out it was nearby. Meanwhile I’m being played for a sucker. I’m going to go out of my way to ensure that this company is reported to every legal entity possible unless I see payment immediately.

Sheila Arca

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He never paid me either. Notary Nate in Napa is his name.

I have been informed that by the owner of Jellyfish Signing his is in the process of filing for bankruptcy.

That name tells me everything I need to know