WARNING: NB Notaries a scam?

I’ve two orders almost 60 days outstanding on payment, and I can’t contact anyone at this company. won’t reply to emails or only voice mail they work through the signingorder.com platform. Does anyone have a similar experience with NB Notaries?

That is horrible. Sorry to hear about this problem. This is why I don’t do SS closing unless I can drive over and knock in their doors!

Conversely, virtually all my signings come through signing services. I have not been stiffed yet because I did/do my diligence at the outset. One SS took 8 months to pay and I worked hard to get it, but I got it. All the rest. . . no problem. Slow, sometimes, but always been paid.

Weird! Never an issue with signing order. Check to see if they posted payment terms when you got the order (usually in the notary instructions). If they did, and that time has passed, send an invoice. If they didn’t, send an invoice!

All good. NB Notaries were having issues with their Quicken books accounting software and were delayed in their billing. Problem solved.


For me i give all companies day 31days and i start my collection efforts. So far the longest i have waited is 46 days and i no longer work with those companies. I always remind them in my email communication demand for payment that just as they rely on notaries to provide accurate, reliable and professional service notaries rely on promt and on time payment from those who require our services. I have only had to do this three times over the past 7 months and work hard to screen new SS requests.

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Would you ever take orders from them again ? I noticed that anytime Notaries posted something negative about companies not paying them on Notary Cafe and they get paid immediately! Hmmmm🤔

Notary Cafe is a powerful place in getting your message heard:)

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I have one outstanding invoice with NB Notary from December 21, 2021. I’ve sent at least 5 invoices via a email. I’ve called and left messages. I WILL NEVER again do a signing for them. No notary should have to fight that hard to get paid for a signing.

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Put one in the regular mail “certified” marked “PAST DUE BY 180 DAYS.” Be sure to include the postage costs in the invoice as well. It turns the heat up. If they sign for it, you have leverage for future collection efforts (plus interest). If they refuse to sign for it, then you know their true intentions. Either way the Post Office will let you know if they signed or refused. Your interest rate/requirements should be stipulated in your invoice. Meaning, I’m not certain if you can charge interest in the initial certified invoice you send because it wasn’t previously stipulated. But by including it now going forward, you definitely can charge it, which puts even more flame under their butts! Hope this helps!


I have one that is 59 days and counting and quicken issues don’t take 2 months to fix. Do not do business with this man.

“Check is in the mail” is another line to watch for!

Some others:

  1. We have a new bookkeeper/accountant;
  2. We changed banks;
  3. We changed accounts
  4. We need a W-9 (even though you’ve provided it 9 times already).
  5. It’s sitting on my desk waiting for a signature;

And on and on…and on

Should point out - these are excuses in general - not pointing a finger at NB Notaries - I have no experience with this company.


Think we’ll see more excuses and will get worst especially during the inflation crisis.

I did a signing for NB Notaries on 05/17/2022 and haven’t received payment. Also, they do not respond to phone calls or emails.

I executed a signing for NB Notaries on 9/28/22 sent them 3 invoices as reminders and have not had a response called but only got voicemails. My next step is my attorney.

I had a signing 10/19/2022 and was paid last week, for what it’s worth.

wow, Lucky you, I am still waiting on a 9/28/22 payment.

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