WARNING: NEMA is a fraud - net 90 days

I did a signing job for NEMA, that was sent through signingorder.com on May 9, 2022. I have called, texted and emailed and still have not received payment. BEWARE, do not do work this Melissa, you will not get paid. I am surprised that there is no help for us out there in these situations. No one cares or has any direction for this fraudulent person not paying the notary for doing a job I know she got paid for. We have to be insured to cover ourselves if we do something wrong but they do not and can get away with fraud. That is what it is. plan and simple. How does a company like NEMA still be allowed to put jobs on these boards when there are numerous complaints (even on the BBB) that she does not pay us? Someone please explain how? I just might have to take a trip to Texas.

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@notary4sure Sorry to read about your experience.

If you’d like some time-tested insights about how to proceed with receiving payment, please see the following post by @rparker from the Notary Cafe GOLDMINE database:


FYI: I’ve performed a cursory Search via the GOLDMINE found within the Notary Cafe Database for other enlightening threads on this business entity. When you research these threads (see the direct url links below), you may glean some germane data about how to proceed & collect the funds due to you.

You can locate the ever-elusive/nearly invisible Magnifying Glass to perform a Search of the database in the image below:

You may find the information within these threads helpful:


It’s always a very good idea to be a bit cautious (use critical thinking processes) when there are MULTIPLE threads (see recent direct Notary Cafe thread references above) about NO or SLOW payment on a business entity.

Why (one might ask)?

Sudden payment normally reveals that the business entity is encountering difficulties with Signing Order placement as word spreads about the direct non-payment/slow payment experiences. This is a tactic to garner confidence.


  1. NO PAY/SLOW PAY => Progressing to definitively NO PAY
  2. SLOW PAY => Progressing to definitively NO PAY
  3. NO PAY/SLOW PAY => With verbal or written commitments to improve OR the “accounting difficulties” have been rectified . . . then, subsequently paying for an order or two . . . then, progressing to definitively NO PAY

Truly, it’s a judgement call. In general, leopards don’t change their spots.


I would let the title company know that she is not paying her notaries. They seem to respond to that because that is where they get their business.

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After a year and half of being a signing agent, I’ve learned just how replaceable, disrespected, and exploited we really are. We have no protections at all and have to manage everything ourselves. We are expected to be perfect. One mistake and we’re done. No other parties are held to this standard. And we are paid pennies for the privilege. Yet, without us, no loans get closed and no-one gets paid… I hope you get payment. Reach out to title and let them know what’s happened.

It’s a tough business, no doubt about it. But nobody forces any of us to be notaries. It’s like grouching about being in the Army. There’s guard duty, KP, forced marches, bad food. Somebody’s gotta do it, and they do. The soldiers complain just like some folks who write on this site. Yeah, it’s a tough business alright. And it’s gonna get tougher. And, it’s not very fair, either. Only the strong survive.

So the best one can do is work hard, do the best you can to get paid and if it isn’t working out for ya, move on to something that suits you better. Don’t become disillusioned. Like Hyman Roth says (Godfather II), “it’s the business we’ve chosen.”

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Came here to see if anyone else had problems receiving payment for assignments in June…apparently, I am not alone. No more assignments from this company since so they think they don’t have to pay me. I will not accept anything else from them and will be contacting the title companies for the files I performed.

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*AOE Signing Co: I finally sent another email demanding my payment be either overnighted or sent by Zelle via my phone number. I sent the email you suggested first and then he responded with he will reissue check again for 3rd time and I said that was not acceptable. I just received a zelle payment today. Thank you for your suggestions!


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