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I’m new here on Notary Cafe but had to add my experience with Nemo Online. I provided Nema with a signing service on 6/1/22 and sent them an invoice for services on 6/2/22. I received an email from Nema on 8/8/22 from Missy Johnson stating their company had been targeted with fraud a nationwide scam but would be paying everyone owed payment. I have not heard back since that email even though I reached out by phone and email many times. I even reached out to her family members and asked that they have her call me back. Surprisingly, she did call me back right away. But she was very nasty when I told her very nicely why I was trying to get in touch. She ended up hanging up the phone on me. I sent her my 3rd and final warning letting her know that I would be contacting the title agency if I didn’t hear from her as to when I would be paid. So I called the title company 3 days ago, they said that she was paid for that signing back in June, and would try to reach her and get back to me. Well, the title company called me back today and said they were unable to reach her either. I informed them that I will be sending an email with all my correspondence & invoice and would check back with them again.
I agree with a class action suit against this company. Even if it is true they were scammed, she can’t bury her head in the sand and ignore the very people who completed the signings for her company.
How do we start a class action suit? Anyone? Thanks


This company is awful and I will never do business with them again. Signing Order should and will be held accountable too. I’d much rather work directly with title companies. What a shame!

Hello All , Here’s a followup to my issue with NEMA Online for non-payment for services rendered. I contacted the Secretary of State (SOS)Texas regarding Nema Online after looking up her state commission number. After explaining the issue of non-payment with NEMA Online and how there are quite a few signing agents in the same position that have not been paid and complaining about this company on a Notary blog site. I was told to download form 2304 “Notary Public Complaint” (link below) to complete and return it to start the investigation. I also called the title company for Nema for the order I completed on their behalf. The title companies are attornies and a title company. I was told to send all supporting documentation to them and they would also investigate. They mention a class action suit could be filed.

Here’s the link to download the form with Nema’s information for anyone interested in filing a complaint again them and their state commission (which allows them to do business in Texas).
I would also suggest that you contact the title company the service you provided was for. I had to go above the title point of contact who assigns the job to Nema as she was not really helpful and speak to someone in the legal department. If your title company is Westin Title & Escrow, then I would reach out to them because the more people that complain the better chances we might be paid and Nema will no longer be able to cheat signing agents.

SOS Texas Notary Public Complaint form 2304 https://www.sos.state.tx.us/statdoc/forms/2304.pdf
Nema Online CEO: Melissa Johnson Eldridge SOS Texas Commission License lookup ID #: 131501622:[Notary Search]
I hope this information is helpful.


@dedwards423328 Helpful information! :sweat_drops::owl:

Thank you for sharing the specifics & results of your research as well as the steps to take & how to access the form, etc. :sparkling_heart::crown::gift:


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A 90 day wait for payment is absurd. Why would anyone work with a company who makes them wait 90 days for payment?


I only take N30 terms. But Name Online changed their payment terms after I took their assignment. At first it was 30 days, then it changed to 60, then to 90. Then crickets and no response. They were just making excuses not to pay.


God, that’s annoying. Sorry they did that to you. Everyone in the process gets paid within a week of closing to my knowledge. The signing service, the title company, the signers. After the notice of right to cancel ends, funds are dispersed. So… why in the world would it take 90 days for you, the person responsible for making sure the loan closes, to be paid almost 3 months after? Your work is important, valuable, and completed the day of. So why are they making you wait?

That is a huge red flag. :triangular_flag_on_post:

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I too got this same email from them (see below), so what do this mean we are s**t out of luck? Do this mean that she is not obligated to pay her debts because it’s just part of business? I just don’t get it, it’s a shame!!!

It brings me great sadness to say NEMA has come to an end for now. We have suffered great losses in 2022 to maintain business. This year has been tough dealing with fraud, watching our major partners lose and go out of business, maintaining our overhead costs to operate as a business, and try to pay our notaries fair fees and timely. We were thinking we were on a road to recovery, but this market has forced some of our biggest partners to close doors, lay off, and reduce services, and the cost of maintaining services. Unfortunately, we received more devastating news of another partner closing doors this week. We are told this market won’t get better and will cause as much devastation as 2008. We understand many are frustrated, just as we are, as our main focus was to keep notaries working and paid, our action plan is simple we have notified all of our partners we will no longer accept closings, and we are referring our best worked notaries directly to title companies for direct work. I have written a letter of referral already for some of you, and if you are in need of such I would gladly help in any way I can. Currently our partners need direct work in CA, FL, and MD, as you know it’s based upon the signer’s location.

We would have like to work with each of our notaries to resolve payments, however NEMA is an LLC, which comes with legal structures, and some notaries have ignored this structure by calling and harassing my family members, making personal contact on social media, and making public comments. These types of acts are warranting, I too have loss a great deal of funds in this industry from partners, but I can’t go after their personal lives because I understand it’s a business structure, furthermore, I understand that this won’t last forever, and we could partner again, when things are back on track. I will always be professional with my vendors and clients, and I asked for the same. Again, we understand each and every concern but the moment a notary threatens a business with lawsuits or family members it becomes difficult for us to work things out.

With our doors closing we are proud of the work NEMA has done for this industry! We have helped placed notaries as VP’s and directors in some of the largest title companies, we have trained notaries across the nation during the most difficult time with COVID-19, created streamline processes and implementation for some of the world’s largest RON software companies, and some of our now running their own small businesses. This industry has some of the best partners and people and we have received a ton of support for the growth NEMA brough to the industry. As of now we are ending this chapter until our attorney’s provide more guidance, nevertheless, there’s always room for a comeback.

Moving forward, you will receive future information from our attorney’s Sydney A. Ollar Associate Attorney, Joyce W. Lindauer Attorney, PLLC., there’s no need to make contact with the attorney’s at this time, they will make contact with you, also for direct work in the needed areas, if you are interested and have kept a good rapport with us please send your counties of services, we will share those out starting next week, however, I cannot promise they will call you.

I wish you each of you success and opportunities in 2023




Missy Johnson, M.S. CEO

NEMA Online Signing Solutions & Consultants, LLC


I have never worked for this company, but I started in this business in 2005 and went through the mortgage crisis in 2008, watching many companies go out of business and many filing for bankruptcy. Keep on top of what is going on with this company. Since this company has retained an attorney, they could be preparing to file for bankruptcy.

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I had same issue with them a while back. I will not work for them ever again.

Same issue here i have been calling them for months, I got someone on the phone one time and she said that she did not even work for Nema, something seems very off with this company,

I am waiting for payment from a signing I did in March 2022. I sent several invoices and nothing. I called and all numbers are non working. Went on their website and it’s also non working. I reached out to the escrow office that contracted Nema and they said they paid them but could do anything to help me since Nema is the one who contracted me to be the notary. Don’t know what to do next.

I posted earlier on this thread. I have also not been paid by Nema for a signing I completed last year in March 2022. I sent several invoices and I called several times and all numbers are non-working numbers. I also went on their website and is non-working as well. I called the title company I was told Nema received payment from them and she said there’s nothing they can do to help me since Nema is the one who contacted me to do the Signing.

They Done and Dusted- write it off like me and all the other literally 100’s of Notaries that got “scammed”.
She should be in Jail for Fraud and Dishonesty! Disgusting how Missy treated her fellow colleagues and the industry as a whole and then walked away and closed shop! She never ever replied to 1 of my direct e-mails or voicemails. Talk about showing the industry the “middle” finger!
I just checked her Commission # and it is still valid and there is an online presence - Unbelievable!

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I made this mistake and had to go to title to get money…both times. Learning experience.

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Very sad that they get the money and rip us off. Still trying to get whats owed to me from Feb.

She’s on LinkedIn : Melissa Johnson M.S - eXp Realty, LLC | LinkedIn

We need to pay her a visit