WARNING Notarize 247

My goodness what is going on with these Notary Services. So sad.

Well at least I know now that it’s not a fluke. I’ve been waiting over 100 days for payment. I’ve called, emailed, threatened with collections, etc. And this is not like Notarize 24/7. They were always good with paying on time. I try not to go to the lender because it leaves a black mark on the agency but I see I have no choice now…

Tell them if payment not received within 48 hours, either by overnight mail or direct deposit, your next step will have to be the lender. Yes, it will be a black mark for them, but they deserve it. Lenders dont want to deal with sheisters. They will likely drop the title company and signing company.
Like was mentioned before. If they are not paying, they have a cash flow problem. I’m also a real estate agent and do broker price opinions for banks through 3rd parties. I have been taken by several companies over the years. For a lot of money. Last one was local. Turns out they owed millions to agents all over the country. I appeared at a court hearing where the attorney promised to get me paid. I still had to get ugly. I did get most of my money from them, but my complaint of court non compliance of a court order would have put a serious glitch in their bankruptcy. They were in big trouble. The company owner had a serious drinking and gambling problem. He was taking expensive trips to go and gamble away our money in places like Monaco! No doubt he has zillions stashed somewhere. When i met him in court, i wanted to go take a shower!


If you need any help I also serve legal documents


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I’ve been waiting over 80 days for my payment. And yes they have done this over and over. I don’t know who’s getting paid on time but it sure as hell hasn’t been me. My question is what would happen if a group of us got together and wrote to the California Attorney general and maybe made a complaint for fraud because if they don’t have enough money to pay us they shouldn’t be hiring us. It’s a pyramid scheme. Message me if you want to get together and the more the merrier.

Some of these are platforms, not notary services. They have individuals within them that are crap as well. So don’t generalize by listing platforms like Snapdocs and signingorder.com.

I used to do a lot work with Notarize 24/7 about 4yrs ago. At first they were awesome then suddenly it took a turn for the worst. Non-payment. I actually thought they went bully-up.

Hope this helps. Btw they are on my bad list, I won’t ever work with them.

Does this actually work? It seems like the lender and Title companies are the only ones who would scorch the earth to fix it.

I don’t see how that would work at all - anyone with half a brain at title or SS will know it’s an empty threat. Not to mention, the words “improperly notarized documents” leads to the question “what did the notary do wrong that it’s an improper notarization?”

I never believed in making empty threats, and to me that’s exactly what this is, and it’s one that does not reflect well on the notary.



I have two outstanding Invoices from August of 2022. They ignore phone calls and when you do talk to them they tell you to talk to accounting. The accounting department has a VM that states to send them an email. The emails fall on deaf ears. If you have not been paid please put in a complaint with the Attorney General in California. Consumer Complaint Against A Business/Company | State of California - Department of Justice - Office of the Attorney General
The more complaints that are issued with the Attorney General the better. Also after you submit the complaint you can print the submission. We have to stand together to find resolution and get rid of these deadbeat companies.

ServiceLink is amazing as well