WARNING Notarize 247

So, what’s going on with notarize 247…

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What specifically is your question…. There seems to be a lot going on in general :relaxed:

going over all my files, I notice that I had not been paid. I contacted them and I have not heard anything. Just trying to see if I was the only one.

I was just about to make this same post. They have not paid me for 2 signings that were completed in September. I’ve called and emailed not 1 response back. My opinion I won’t be working with Notarize 24/7 again. We shouldn’t have to ask to be paid.


@lbickham33 & @jlgoodhew Unfortunately there are 14 threads about non-payment concerns/issues with this business entity.

Reference the following direct Notary Cafe url:




When a company slows down with payment, as several of you are experiencing with this company, it’s an indication that they are financially struggling. They are using your fees for the signing to pay the previous notary. Eventually, they will run out of funds and you’ll be in the list of their creditors. Start active collection efforts now by sending a collection letter and your invoice by email and by mail (possibly certified mail with receipt requested). Contact the title company regarding non-payment if your assignment was a mortgage loan or contact the company that requested a notary through this company. Whichever way you decide to seek collection of your fee, increase your effort now.


Closing group is a slow payer and they mail checks. I just received a check for a job I did 58 days ago.

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I have talk to them about payment. and they explained to me there process so. I want to say it my fault, but again. It could be there’s I did what they told me in order to get paid so hopefully I will get paid soon.

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they had me to send my unpaid information over to billing a few days ago, havent got any responds in the email as of yet. so I’m still waiting.

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Same here. I’ve been waiting 60 days plus. It’s bad business, that’s for sure. It’s time for us to contact the lender’s, maybe forward their email to the lenders.

It’s actually been 90 days plus for me, and i have been trying for at least thirty days for a status of payment. I’ve been told to contact accounting, I’ve been told it’s the lender. So, now I’m going to contact the lender because i get no response now.

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There are three little wordst hat I use that gets the complete and undivided attention of wayword signing services ,IMPROPERLY NOTARIZED DOCUMENTS. Just drop a reminder to them that you plan to ask the SOS to label those unpaid documents as improperly Notarized due to non payment. Works like a charm for me.


First off why are you waiting 6 months to bring a payment issue up. You should be doing your books and collections every 30-45 days. 1. Contact service 2. Contact title advise them of non payment plus include an invoice. 3. If no response from either call title back ask to speak to the broker of the title company. You will get paid…!!

How can it be the lender? Once the loan is funded, all parties on the HUD 1are paid.

Pretty sure non payment does not invalidate the notarization; your contract is with the signing service, not the signer.

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The lender needs to be informes about non payment from the agency who has been paid.

I did 3 signing from them last year between September and December, I was dumb enough to do another one in January. I have not gotten paid yet. I will inquire and go from there, more than 30 days to get paid is not their fault its ours for taking their signings.

These are the only singing service websites you need to sign up with.





I haven’t heard from them in ages, since they called me for a job and wouldn’t budge off of $85 for a refi with scanbacks. They also take forever to pay (in the 60 day range), so who needs them?