WARNING: NOTAROO - Long wait for payment

Did a signing the first week of August. Still waiting.

There are so many of you who haven’t been paid by Notaroo. I’d suggest you prepare a little petition of sorts and demand payment now. All of you who have gotten stiffed should sign it.

(I’ll notarize each of your signatures on the petition :wink: at a nice discount!)

No, that’s their standard payment timeframe. Since the market has slowed, there has been a delay of up to 100 days for payment from Notaroo. It’s beyond me at this point. I was kind of ok with the net 45 payment since majority of my work came from them, and the service team is very responsive and friendly. Any suggestions on how to handle a company that is often late on paying their clients?

I have 10 invoices with them, 3 are 80 days overdue. There is no excuse for this. I won’t be accepting any more jobs from them. Everyone please beware before accepting signings.

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How to handle? I’ll bet most of their orders come from the same title company or two. Contact them and elicit their help in getting paid. They don’t like it when you don’t get paid either and they won’t use that signing service anymore if they are always late payors. Put it in writing. You can find the title companies in the work papers you had signed (if you keep copies of the original documents on all unpaid jobs as I do).

@laziedaysbusinessservices & other Notary Cafe Members who are seeking payment from Notaroo:

Here is a comprehensive guide created & posted by @rparker that you may find to be quite helpful in achieving payment for your professional services successfully provided.


I saw that they pay at 60 days. I waited until 62 days and called them and left a voicemail for accounting department. I got a e-check the next day. I have one more job I’m waiting to get paid on from them. After that I don’t know if I’ll do anymore for them.

Thank you for this information.

I have worked for them for over a year. This issue just started. I kept working because I they would pay but now I have over $3000 out with them. I keep calling and sending emails and still no payment. I’m just done with them.

I had to laugh when one explanation about delay was the overall industry slow down had resulted in their not getting paid on time.

However funds disbursement hasn’t changed. Title companies pay in ten days. They don’t operate their business on funds due notaries.

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$3000?!?! OMG, that’s a lot of money! I’d be on them like. . . well, you know. That’s gotta be 30 orders. Take a look at cNsa5’s posts and check around on this site for ways and means of collecting on those jobs. I’ve posted several as have others whose advice is sound. Don’t let them get away with your $$$.

(Guess I just stated the obvious, huh?)

Agreed…wow. Good lesson for everyone, old and new alike - never never ever extend that much credit to any company. 3 unpaid signing invoices tops - til they pay up. If they don’t you still take a loss (if you don’t pursue) but not thousands.

Best of luck getting paid. May be time to send a certified letter, return receipt requested, with copies of all your invoices - that’s your basis for a small claims action.

So I finally received a response and they said I will be paid today! Also Let me clarify. I have 3 invoices that are 80 days over due. The remaining are 45-60 days so hopefully those will pay this week also. So frustrating to have to chase your money.

Thank you I sent an email to Notaroo today stating I was going to contact the title company and guess what! They said I will be paid today. Fingers crossed.

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Keep us posted. I’d like to know how this one turns out.

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Update: After I sent an email staying I would contact the Title company, I was paid the same day!
Thanks for all the suggestions.

Same here, that’s not acceptable.

Yes. Notaroo is very slow to pay, however, up til now, I’ve always been paid. Currently I have 3 awaiting pmt, at 88 days. No answer at Notaroo offices, not returning email messages. Not sure what to do at this point.

I had to recently pretty much cycle-dial them for a couple of days on an invoice heading to 90 days, about a month ago, finally got a live body on the phone and made my message clear and professional - check was sent a day later. Still received a few more offers from them after that, so pushing them did not dissuade them from still making offers. Prior to a month ago, I always received a check promptly at 60 days or when I reminded them at 60 if I had to, but always received it right away that point. Allegedly I am one of their “preferred” but haven’t seen any offers for now for weeks…maybe they are done? So many others are…best to stay on top of them and be the squeaky wheel (measured pressure), if you have outstanding fees, before the well runs dry.

So be persistent with them. I’ve had to constantly email them and mention how long it’s been (last two was almost 80 days). When I did this they paid me the same day. This was just 2 days ago.