WARNING: Notary Pin - Do not use

Totally unprofessional. Caveat emptor. My attorney told me to never sign an agreement like theirs. If they give you a computer virus and take down your system, you agree that they are NOT liable. Also, if you do sue them all litigation has to occur in San Diego, CA. We should boycott them until they change their terms and conditions.

Good to know about Notary Pin. Never heard of them until about 3 days ago when I suddenly got several orders emailed to me. I apparently wasn’t fast enough in my response and thus, didn’t get the assignments. Maybe that was a good thing given your experience.
I’ve been in this notary business for almost 3 years and have done hundreds and hundreds of signings and, so far, I’ve been paid on every one, although in a few cases, it took some doing to get it. Bilingual Brothers stiffed me $50 on a $100 signing - that’s it! I’m just lucky I guess.