WARNING: Prestige Notaries, Inc. non-payment

I did a single document signing on Oct.6, 2022 for a measly $60 and still have not been paid. Jennifer, the owner, said by phone that because her client hasn’t paid her, she couldn’t pay me. I reminded her that I contracted with her and not her client. She then blatantly lied and said the check would go out over the weekend. That was a month ago. Steer clear!

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@dfroman Sorry to read about this non-payment issue from that business entity.

This post regarding your direct experience with them will prove helpful to many other Notary Cafe members.


I performed a cursory Search of that business (as I regularly read about their non-payment status) and noted that there are 33 separate threads about them. Reference the following direct Notary Cafe url that lists those threads:



This is a clear indicator of a cash flow problems. Tread carefully if want to continue with them.

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I had the same issue with them. I told them to remove me since I no longer do business with them.

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I also had a difficult time getting paid and they lied to me also. I feel you shouldn’t have to beg for your money after you’ve provided a service. Staying away from them as well.