WARNING: Prestige Notaries - Non Payment Signing Service

To all that are 55 plus days of non-payments from Prestige Notaries… My two closings for them are from the NotaryDash Platform… I’ve been “promised” payment is soon… btw I’ve is from 11/28/2022! Numerous times, it’s on its way, sorry fir the delay etc etc… This is my first time going to the Title Company, directly to scheduling and escrow… I was so glad to do it as I was thanked for bringing this to their attention!! They also googled and found many complaints so don’t close for-them!! It’s sad too because this client of their is huge… I personally do not like complaining at all, much less this extent., If I’d received payment even after 60 days, I’d been five, i font even send invoices until 60 days… I’m so mad about the fact that it was my FIRST closing with them, scans etc a purchase and I gave -00% white glove service… Please notify their client and remember to be professional and tactfully send the email as they have been paid and it’s not the clients fault) But notify them to please google so they can stop using the service that’s not paying…
best to all
Warning to all!!

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@Sjkad55 FYI: Here is a page listing 32 threads about their reputation . . .



I would like to update that Prestige Notaries has paid me today for my 11/28/22 closing) better late then never, I would love to at least have a reason etc as honestly the site and the instructions added with different files is beautiful! Perhaps I try to hard to believe in the best of things but I’m happy to see this and my invoices on others have been accepted plus no hard feelings thus far as I’m closing another for them today… mainly just to see the “catch up” on payments I hope… basically I’d like to hope things are getting straight…

Of course she paid you - she is taking major heat here, on another site and in some FB groups. Her reputation is trashed - so now she’s going to try to appease some people by finally paying them, hoping they post better things about her.

Don’t trust it…

Can you tell I have no respect for this owner/SS - or ANY SS/TC that treats notaries like this.

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LindaH-FL is ABSOLUTELY spot-on with her post above. Excellent insight/advice.

This is a ploy that is regularly utilized. It’s akin to playing a Musical Chairs game . . .


Better to believe what they’ve already clearly shown/demonstrated to you. => Once burnt, twice shy.


Yes ma you are certainly correct! I trust to much(((
Sad really…

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@Sjkad55 So glad that you were paid! :white_check_mark::owl:

FYI: Here is a post with their CURRENT email address =>


I stopped doing business with them. Getting paid is like pulling teeth! I still have outstanding invoices never paid after multiple invoicing. Steer clear of them.