WARNING: Rapid Notary 24/7 AKA TDE Debt Relief AKA USA Legal

Was contacted twice by Patrick Labreck with Rapid Notary 24/7 to go to a debt consolidation signing. My 30 days has just passed and it’s time for both payments. I have emailed and gotten no response. I will be making more attempts to collect. I have read the other review
s and I will be posting all of the contact names and phone number that I have in a post tomorrow. Hopefully it will help someone

The following is data found within other threads on the Notary Café forums for Rapid Notary 24/7 AKA TDE Debt Relief AKA USA Legal:

Patrick Labreck (407) 559-5155
Jimmy Labreck, (702) 745-6990

Patrick Labreck (386) 518-1611.
USA LEGAL: https://www.usalegalgroups.com/

Add to those numbers:
No response from any of them

Write it off and move on with the painful knowledge that there are some baaaad actors out there. You might report them to Consumer Affairs in your state.

I am always suspicious of companies that use Gmail as their main email account.


EXACTLY!!! When they don’t have a professional email, I pass.

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I did a partial signing (6 pages) for them in September. After that, the lady’s family member called me concerned that it was a scam. When I tried to reach back out to them I wasn’t able to contact anyone. My contacts were Ray Nelson at 407-564-0060 and Patrick Labreck from a Florida number. I also had a Nevada # 702-745-6990 ext. 200 and they answered “World Energy” when I called. When I asked for Patrick they told me to call back in 5 minutes, and of course the mailbox was full. Needless to say, I never got paid.

I performing a signing for Rapid Notary last year (september) and I still have not been paid. They owe me $85.00. I have called and emailed them–they will not return any calls or respond to any emails. Don’t do business with this company unless you plan to do it for FREE.

Yvette Howey-Redmond
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I posted about this Co. under another post, but wanted to update here as well. Update: I would like to say that I did get paid for the 1st signing that I did with them after sending 2 e-mails (over 30 days had passed). Still won’t do business with them again tho.