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It has been over 45 days and I have nit gotten paid for a late night closing that they wanted done ASAP. I have emailed the accounting department and they cannot tell me when I will get paid. Any thoughts on what to do?

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The hard core correspondence is to email them and remind them that the notarizations are in jeopardy unless and until you are paid. Most states require that a notary NOT have a financial interest in the transaction. I had a problem with a Title company in Michigan, the title company was located in Wisconsin. They called the SOS to complain because I insisted on being paid and they said I should be providing my services for free since I’m licensed by the state. (don’t laugh so hard) The SOS told them to pay their bill and I was within my rights to place a lien notice with the Registrar of Deeds against the Deed of Trust effectively eliminating the lien. hard ball, but it worked.


I know it’s frustrating but try not to be.
They’re solid and I’ve never be stiffed by them (TYJ= Thank You Jesus).

If you received the assignment from SnapDocs it will tell you when you can expect payment. When you contact them via email or call, try to be calm and not completely upset about the (delayed/untimely payment). All seasoned signing agents can tell you horror stories of 60,90,120day and no pays from some signing agencies.

Make it a goal to keep yourself so busy that you forget when you haven’t been paid by a particular signing agency.


Hi Joannieh,

I wanted to reach out to you because I think you may have been confused about the signing agents ability to charge a fee for the service in which they provide. ALL states allow notary signing agents to charge a fee per notarization provided. I think you were speaking of when a signing agent has a conflict of interest with the transaction in which they’re being financially compensated for the service.

The Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility: Guiding Principle II
“The notary shall act as an impartial witness and not profit or gain from any document or transaction requiring a notarial act, apart from the fee allowed by state statute”.

State- Wisconsin
Acknowledgments- $5
Jurats- $5
Verbal Oath/Affirmation- $5
Travel Fees- Not set by the State
Print Fees- Not set by the State
Second Witness Fee- Not set by the State
RON- $25

These fees are set per notarization and vary from state to state, however ALL states allow a notary signing agent to charge for the service provided. I hope this helps and may have cleared up any confusion on that topic. I will gladly share the resource of my information. #ImAFanNotAFoe

My Lord! I’m guessing New Jersey is the only cheap one with acknowledgment, jurats, etc… $2.50 :roll_eyes:


What really gets me is when SS companies offer a low fee for a loan package about 100 to 200 pages (let’s just say $75-$100 offer) and there is 8-15 notarizations and travel time is 45 min to 2 hours away. It’s an insult to a notary who is doing all the printing and traveling and being exposed to possible COVID.
Our notary services we offer as a loan signing agent are valuable to these SS co. Our Notary duties come first and Loan signing agent comes second.
There are a few title companies in Nevada doing loan signings in their locations for borrowers willing to go into title office and sign loan docs.
SS don’t really care to learn what it really costs to be a remote notary SLA. I’m going to continue counter offering high even when they don’t list page count or type of loan.


I keep countering offer all the time, Lillian, and what gets me mad/sad/frustrated is that what I decline for $85 others are willing to take. This is making more harm than the SS themselves. People have to understand if we all counter offer to at least $125 and up, they will have no choice but to better pay more fairly. Is sad to read that some agents think that “little by little it will pile up”… or the excuse that “I need to have more knowledge so they can trust me”… knowledge my a… !
They’re all eager to contract newbies because they’re low ballers . Once the newbies start demanding higher fee they just toss them away for the next batch of newbies. They need us, as much we need their business… TO MAKE MONEY! and those signing services make tons out of the notary seal!

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Listen you can’t get all worked up about a signing service not willing to accept your counter offer.

Remember, they (the signing service agencies) are in business to make money and their decision to hire you or not, accept your counter offer or not is a BUSINESS DECISION. It’s not personal. Another thing is, it’s not the signing agencies goal to see you make a what you consider to be an acceptable profit.

As signing services see it, they’re the ones who are doing all the heavy lifting; you may be asking what do I mean by that? It’s the signing agencies who have made the direct contact and established the relationship with the title companies. That’s why the always keep the major part of the profits and not the signing agent. That’s why the dictate when you will get paid and how much you will be paid. In my opinion more signing agents should seek and go after direct business ( Because I do and it’s great ). The title companies are out there, there are hundreds if not thousands of signing agencies who are looking for notaries so you have your validation there’s enough business to support the industry.

Now then, you can’t dictate to others what fee should be considered acceptable. You can’t frown on someone who’s willing to work for $85.00 even if you’re not. There are some signing agents who won’t accept $125.00 or even $150.00 for a signing, and that their right to set their own acceptable fee for a signing. Start focusing on direct business from title companies. It is your means to escape from the headaches which you speak of.

Get outside of your comfort zone and try, because you owe it to yourself.


Thank you for the advice! :innocent:
Perhaps, you can give some tips on how to address to TCs, to solicit business from them :wink:

@BluePenNotary Absolutely…

I promise you the only thing scarier than doing your first signing is approaching a Title company introducing yourself and letting them know you would like to work with them. Sometimes I think the thought of hearing the word No/No Thanks or being rejected is what keeps signing services in the power position.

I work directly with 5 title companies and use signing agencies as fillers when I’m not on an assignment. Honestly, I couldn’t and wouldn’t want another Title company added. Here’s why, most of my flexibility in my schedule happens during the first week of the month. I use this time as a filler with signing agencies. It almost always happens the the Title company are busier in my area weeks 2, 3,and 4.

Now then for the meat of your question/suggestion.

There’s actually no magic line to recite or commit to memory, there no need to over stress yourself with marketing materials which you need to show your abilities.

Here’s exactly what I have in my hi I’m David Packet.
I GIVE them my Business Card,
I SHOW them a color copy of my Notary Certificate, my E&O Coverage, my Current Background Check that’s it. Honestly, that’s all I show them. I complement them on having a successful business and tell them I can help make thing be more efficient because no one has to stop what they’re doing tin order to perform a closing. Here’s another thing, no one has ever asked me how many signing have I completed, Ever. Here’s what they have told me, we never have mobile notaries come in, that why we have used signing agencies in the past, we’d prefer to work with some one who’s local.

Here’s what’s important to them-
You have a nice friendly smile and give a positive vibe. Why? Because you’ll be meeting their clients and you’ll be a direct reflection of their organization.
You’re comfortable with talking with people and going through the loan packet. You don’t have to bore someone or try to impress them by going through all 120-170 pages. It will cost you too much time and cause them ( the Title company ) to think you’re not capable of handling back to back signing because you take to long to get through the package.
Your seem eager to help. Go above and beyond, make copies if allowed, wipe down the sitting area both before and after, throw away pens after the signing ect.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just being Nice, being Professional and being Knowledgeable.



After threatening to contact title, I received a check via email a couple of weeks ago. I told them I will no longer work with them, I keep getting text but have ignored them all.

FYI your advice is top notch! I have been a notary signing agent for a few years, and critique clients as you do as well.

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@BluePenNotary :laughing:, I’m just seeing this one Fatima, actually Illinois is the lowest at-
Acknowledgments- $1
Jurats- $1
Verbal Oath/Affirmation- $1
Travel Fees- Not set by the State
Print Fees- Not set by the State
Second Witness Fee- Not set by the State
RON- Not set by the State

Interesting but not surprising California has the highest fees-
Acknowledgments- $15
Jurats- $15
Verbal Oath/Affirmation- $15
Travel Fees- Not set by the State
Print Fees- Not set by the State
Second Witness Fee- Not set by the State
RON- Not set by the State

So at lease your not being killed like they are in Illinois :upside_down_face:

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Thanks Rhonda ** :grinning:**, we’ve got to do a better job of supporting and encouraging one another. I believe there’s more than enough business for everyone to be successful in the industry.

Wishing you many successful signing.


@TheTreasureCoastNota, I agree with you in some areas. Not getting worked up over the low offers from SS, just move on and also marketing oneself to Title companies for business. I have had a few SS contact me directly for business and even had one SS get me fidelity approved without me even asking.
But I will be marketing myself as soon as I can locate the title companies who need notaries on call.
The one I don’t agree on is these SS companies are doing most of the foot work. They maybe doing the work to establish business with Title companies for assignments but not labor and physical work and they don’t have overhead like we do. Buying paper and supplies, maintenance on printers and vehicles and staying certified insured and bonded.
I did the math and it costs anywhere from about $1500 per month and that’s just for staying in business.
If I hire a contracted plumber or car repair man or anyone who is contracted, they name their price we don’t have a choice but to look for someone else for the job. We can’t just say I only want to pay you $$ take it or leave it.
These SS companies are naming their prices for contracted notaries and to be truthful I believe most of them don’t have a clue what it costs a notary to stay self employed. Just my 2 cents in this matter.

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I’m trying to come up with a self market idea. From what I’ve read and heard, most Title companies don’t want a notary who may just drop off business cards and ask for work from them. They want a notary to be available on call and prove to them that you can help them and assist them when they need you. I agree with @TheTreasureCoastNota!about marketing oneself and being professional and friendly plus using your smile to come across as friendly. Only way to market oneself is to practice and do your homework. Good luck and hope next year brings us more revenue and assignments!

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I’ve been a real estate agent for 35 years, now mostly retired. For the last 17 or so years I have been doing property valuations for banks. The prices banks pay now are roughly 25% what I used to get. Every year, these fees go down. Thus the reason I chose to re-enter the notary signing field. one thing I discovered, is there is always someone out there who will do the job cheaper and many vendors are not as concerned with quality.
I really enjoy notary signing and once again, I think the industry is facing the someone will always be cheaper mentality. I just hope I can build a reputation for quality, spread out, and get the higher fees. In Colorado, title companies close the majority of the loans associated with purchases, although now with Covid 19, they are using more mobile notaries.

I appreciate this site and the exchange of tips and information.

Whaaaaaat!!! Can we do that? I live in Florida and I’ve never heard that if we didn’t get paid, we could put a lien against the Deed of Trust. Can someone tell me how to do that just in case I’m in a bind like this one?

I wouldn’t travel for 2 hours…that’s a plane trip for me…lol

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I will not do it, the furthest I’ll travel is only one hour each way. There is too much dead space in between like hills and desert.