WARNING: U.S. Signings Non-payment

I don’t usually sign for U.S. Signings because they lowball notaries, but on the rare occasion that they offer a fee up my alley, I’ll sign for them.
I’ve noticed that they haven’t paid me since June 2021. They owe me over 2K. I sent messages asking them to either show me proof that I cashed the checks or pay me immediately. I’ve gotten no update in 2 weeks.
Anyone else having issues with them? They are definitely on my blocked signing agency list now.

I don’t know when they normally pay because they don’t seem to require an invoice be sent to them on their instructions. I sent a list of my unpaid jobs for 90 days in July 2021 and I was paid immediately without any follow up calls necessary on my part. I did my homework before I sent the aging jobs list. Since they pay on deluxe echecks it’s easy to track. They do pay more when it’s proper and I like to work with their super nice customer service staff.

How did you ‘just notice’ two thousand dollars missing over a 6 month period…?


I’ve been super busy signing with my main companies who pay weekly or as soon as the loan closes. I just hadn’t checked the sometimes companies I sign for occasionally. It’s slow now and I’m checking all of my invoices. Most of my companies pay me as they should. They didn’t beg me to do the work, I shouldn’t have to beg for my pay.


Oh wow, I hope you get your money. 2k is a lot of money to lose. I totally understand your busyness. I was so busy working with my regular title companies and forgot all about 1 check that came via mail. All my signings paid via direct deposits. On October 9, 2021, my husband found a check for $150 from Timios dated April 4, 2021. It was over 180 days after written date! I couldn’t get a hold of anybody at Timios to re-issue me a new check! I thought to myself that it would be all my fault because I didn’t cash it on time. If I can’t get them to re-issue then I will have to eat it. My bank would not take a check over 6 months old. I drove to their bank and cashed it. Their bank said only 5 days past the 6 months. Thank God. That was crazy I went through the whole year and only took one order from Timios and even forgot all about it!

I haven’t been paid for signings I did in October, the balance pending is $335.

Yes, they owe me $390 for signings I did as far back as July 2022. It’s now March 2023. They gave me an email to follow up but still no response.

For everyone involved, reach out to the title companies listed in the snapdocs order and let them know. I think Elevated Title is in the process of dropping his ass but if not, the more people that report this to every company that gives him business, the less likely he will be able to keep scamming everyone.