Warranty Deed

I’m in Florida and been asked to notarized a warranty deed (no title company involved), usually I do this with the loan closing package, but never by itself. How much will you charge to do a warranty deed? I don’t want to over charge or under charge. The person is one hour away from me, so I will be also adding mileage to the regular fee.

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Time, mileage (if allowed at FL stated travel rates) & stated fee/stamp. It’s just another notarization like any other. Believe FL requires witnesses. Linda/FL…chime in.


Yes - this is a general notary appointment - price per notarization plus time and mileage (I, personally, would not drive 2 hours for one document - I’d refer them here or NotRot to find someone closer or refer them to the UPS Store or The Mailbox Store or FedEx). And yes, two witnesses required, notary can be one.


@jrobles A very good query indeed . . . :sweat_drops::sparkles:

My insights mirror the manner in which Arichter & LindaH-FL have advised above.

Regarding the distance component, in my direct experience, The farthest I’ve driven (on more than 1 occasion) was nearly 2 hours (one-way) for “clean up” work for signer execution of a single (or a few documents). I was careful & reasonable with my time & travel calculations while ensuring that I was compensated for my out-of-pocket expenses, efforts, time, etc.

When I provided the quote I did wonder if it would be accepted/approved. Of note, I thoroughly enjoy extended drives on well-maintained turnpikes with beautiful scenery during reasonable weather conditions. It was accepted with great appreciation as the title company directly expressed this & shared that they’d gone the low-bid route initially & the package was a “complete & total mess” according to their assessment.



For half hour of travel which means a total of 1 hour of travel round trip tell them to go to the UPS store.


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