Was April was very slow?

Was I the only one that was slow on assignments in April? Let me know how you came out for April.


Yes, April was very very slow for me. All to do with rates, keep track of the interest rates and that will give you some insight on how your month or months are going to be. Hang in there.

yes it was very slow but I factored in the fact that it was Rosh Hashanah, Easter and tax week all at the same time

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March and April were slow. Seems like it is trickling into May. My signings do not pick up until the end of the month too.

Yes. I think it was all about he rates

Pesach you mean. Rosh HaShanah was 6 months ago ; )

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I have been doing this for 7 years and in the lending field for 20 years. It is always slow after the POTUS election and then the raised rates. Everything I am getting back from both local and national companies is orders have been picking up. We will not see a year like 2016 for a few years yet.

The beginning was slow first week, this week and last 3 had to turn down 6 appointments. I also abstract so that is a factor as well.

My search volume is very heavy, so lots of loans on the way.

April was my BEST month this year. In fact, dollar wise my best month ever! Two new companies found me and they paid well (both title companies, found me on 123 notary) One of my best customers gave me 7 refi’s for the month and the rest were HELOC"s. I am in Florida and also officiate weddings…had 5 weddings in April…it was really a great month for me.

May looked like it would be good but has slowed down. Hopeful it will pick back up this week.

Yes very slow…been using this time to market and try and get my name out there…
I’m in the process of taking the cert exam through NNA. So I can be added to more title co’s lists… has anyone taken this exam?? PASSED it and any advice for me on how to pass so I don’t have to purchase there study guide for 114 bucks
Any advice will be helpful…


April was very slow for me. I produced half the volume/income as March. The first two weeks of May have been slow! I was smart and put money back from the previous lucrative months. I hope it picks up, we all need a successful 2017 :upside_down_face: