Watch out for Rai's Mobile Notary

Watch out for Rai’s Mobile Notary Signing Service want me to witness a notary for $50.00. He said I found your name on 123 Notary. So he submitted the fund to Zelle. He said that he had a notary and needed a witness only. I knew something was funny; I told him I would contact the client to let them know I am coming. He said no, don’t do that I say okay. I looked at his text message, which said no Real Estate documents. I canceled and said no, find someone else to witness In Texas.

I did one signing for him and he paid me directly after by Venmo. I did think it was all a little odd and so I did some google research and it appears that he has a website where people sign up and pay with a credit card and he then procures a notary. The consumer complaints are numerous for the exhorbitant fees that he charges ($400-750).

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I can’t believe he emailed me over twenty times for $50 because I refused to be a witness; I returned the money on the same day to him.

Why did he keep emailing?

He wanted the $50.00 back for a new notary to witness. I’m saving the email.

I just received the exact same email in Virginia.
He would not tell me what kind of document it is and also has a $50 fee.
Why wouldn’t he say it’s to act as a witness? I’d do it, but I just don’t get it.
This is for tomorrow so I need to know what’s going on before then.

Why did you not want to be a witness? Am I missing something here?