Waylaid by sickness or injury

Good morning and happy Notaring to you today! I recently had a situation where I received court ordered custody of my grandchildren. Of course, this knocked me out of the game because they were all under the age of six and required my full attention. I had already planned on moving and was going to jumpstart my business in Michigan.
As a result, I haven’t had any work since February 12.
One thing I do like about the particular occupation is that when something like this happens, you have the option of putting family first without the pressure of reporting to work every day. I know there’s somewhere on Snapdocs where you can snooze notifications and I’ve responded with the reasons for my refusal every time. I will also be getting surgery, which will prolong my absence. I wondered if anyone else ever had this happen or they had to stop being a notary for a time because of short term, sickness or family issues. did you have trouble restarting?

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Don’t have an answer for you
but I know what it’s like to have crazy
responsibilities all of a sudden
so …here’s a hug

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Ha ha, thank you Jenn! I’ve had my surgery and it’s been a week. I’m doing fine. I’m going to be moving to Michigan or at least looking for a place to live the second week of July. I’m looking forward to maybe restarting it in the fall. If I don’t do something else I don’t wanna be stuck at home I thought about DoorDash, but we’ll see. I’ll be hopping back on here when I’m back in the game!