We need to get National attention to what's wrong with RON

Unless we garner some national attention to the many issues with RON, y’all better have a Plan B working.
Below is a link to contact info for national Legislators. Also write to your State Legislators!

United States Senate

United States Congress (this list also shows the committees they are on & their Districts)

And here’s one of the best arguments against RON: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billAnalysisClient.xhtml?bill_id=201920200AB199
Click on: 04/20/19 Assembly Judiciary for an excellent analysis of the many problems with Remote Online Notarization.

We all know that nobody gets excited about notarization/Notaries. Nor do most actually understand what notaries do or realize how important notarization is…and, with so much being done online these days, this SEEMS like a good no-brainer idea.
WE KNOW IT’S NOT. THEY need to know, too. Please take a couple minutes to save your job!
Bad things happen when good people do nothing. Please do SOMETHING. NOW!


Thank you for the url links.

We’ve got it now, the ACLU of CA has joined us in Opposing AB 199 and RON in general.

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That sounds very important. What the hell is RON? If you are going to use acronyms, you have to first say what they mean. Sorry to be so ignorant.

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Remote Online Notarization

For more enlightenment, try checking the links in the first post in this thread.

I just want to share that RON was signed into WA State law to take effect October 2020. My last communication with WA State Law Department is this process is still up in the air. There are a few Senators trying to push this through but WA State is now having security concerns.

I’ve been reading through your past arguments about RON, and it sounds like you’re letting fear drive your thoughts. Based on my research, the platforms that currently host remote online notarizations all have security measures in place to prevent fraud. As far as identification of the signer, there is software that captures an image of the signer’s ID and looks for security features and other identifiers to validate the ID. If the software cannot spot a fake ID, you wouldn’t be able to either. The notary must also match the picture on the ID with the signer on the screen. I understand your concerns, but no matter how much you fight it; technology will always prevail. It always has, and it always will.

Love your comments. Recently in WA State received notices from Elections Departments all of our legislative districts have changed. With current lack of actions by politicians not having much faith in the system.