Wealthy Execs Want Notary Public Changes For Their Convenience

From my experiences lately, it seems there’s a very real class warfare happening out there, involving serious dislike for the notary public profession and system. Brace yourselves because, if I’m right though I hope I’m not, it’s coming from the upper class wealthy folks trickling down spreading complaints of our profession’s problems we allegedly pose them. If these rabid and often unfair complaints last, it’s a real dangerous environment for we mobile notaries especially in my humble opinion.

I’ve felt threatened a few times over the past three years and prior to the pandemic, for things like not accepting a U.S. Passport Card in a bed ridden hospital setting where another relative had to come over furious with me his business was interrupted due to the laws. This relative was so furious having accused me of being incompetent, he was like a hissing cobra standing in back of me waiting to bite! I actually feared retaliation after I left that the guy was going to stalk and harm me mainly because his mother was in a hospital bed.

Lately a wealthy business managing director at an equity firm in San Francisco is turning up the pressure on notary services, complaining even after receiving outstanding services, not appreciating anything provided. Executives seem to look forward to on-line notarizations while overlooking the law is involved in public servant services. Wealthy execs want convenience mostly along with less documents to have to bring to notarize from their service providers. They act exhausted by it all yet go home to $2.7 million mansions!

These men in particular behave like CEO’s wanting perfection their way that they no longer want notary publics to provide services the way we have for 200 years in the United States of America. These complainants are arrogant, hostile and don’t have anything good to say about our profession.

There’s nothing we notaries can do about this problem but we need to acknowledge these highly influential professionals are tired of the notary public system as it’s been for several decades who want a real change. I personally think they want a way to invest and thus prosper from a new notary system through AI tech.

I’d like to reassess what’s happening, first by lowering income projections in 2022, as well as expense deductions. I’m thinking that if the city becomes dangerous, it’s likely no longer a viable profession to be in. Times are a changing so we need to be thinking outside of the box now.

This really is not the place for that type of post