WeGoLook experience

we go look seems to be legit so far. I signed up got a background check and was sent an assignment within 30 minutes. You have the option to decline. They are looking for notary publics, add it to your profile under “other” skills and you can input your commission etc.
Will keep you updated with further details

I worked for them quite a few years ago…until they cut the fees drastically and then I felt my time could be way better spent, even if that only meant doing nothing. They didn’t used to need a BGC either. Times change.

I have worked for them for a year I don’t go over 15 miles for what they pay, they don’t pay much, but pay weekly.

I do a lot of work for them. I look at it as once I put 20.00 into the gas tank, because I have a little 4 cylinder. I do all my looks on the $20.00 they pay(all most a full tank) But I must add you have to be a little creative on the scheduling. I like to do them early in the morning especially if I’m just sitting around watching the news. A little side hustle and they pay every week, the look is about 20 min.

When I worked for them, I was paid every 30 days for doing car inspections. Never came across work that did it weekly.

Honestly, I prefer working for Sandcastle. Same type of work, but get paid about 30% more. Some jobs, like property inspections, pay considerably more.

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I was contacted by them years ago when I was still doing commercial property inspections and merchant site inspections. They paid for a bunch of us to take an online webinar for inspecting heavy equipment and trucks; supposedly it cost them $1,000 per person who attended. At the end, there was a questionnaire to fill in for the company that was doing the webinar. I guess they did not like some of my answers (factual statements about my experience, which I had told WGL before I took the webinar), as they never offered me any truck or heavy equipment inspection assignments. So, it seems they wasted their money in my case because they did not listen to me when I told them I had no experience with equipment inspections, only commercial property and merchant sites.

Since that time, the only assignments that they ever offered were low-fee to the point that I would not do them if being paid cash upon arrival at the location. I finally unsubscribed from their emails because they NEVER sent one that was a reasonable fee based on the scope of work.

In fact, that is why I don’t do inspections any more. The scope of work never matches the fee. If you have nothing to do and just need some money coming in for barebones groceries, it may be worthwhile to do commercial property inspections and merchant site inspections – but these WGL inspections were a joke and residential inspections are an insult (and dangerous, to boot) in terms of the fees offered. I did the CPI and MSI work from 2007 to 2015. Not going back to that.

After seeing your post I decided to check it out. All the jobs are car inspections and VERY low pay. If you like this type of assignments try Metro Inspections. They pay better. No car inspections but verifications for work, health, business, etc.

Do you have the website for the metro inspections?

I work for Sand Castle too.

Metroinspections.com Find the number on their site and give them a call. You can tell them I told you to contact them. Not sure if that will help. You don’t need to be a notary. They will send you their application. They actually contacted me to start with. I don’t see a ton of stuff and I am sure it will depend on your area but it pays better.